Thursday, April 25, 2024

International Snickers Taste Test - Fruit & Nut, Kesar Pista, Butterscotch

We've been able to try so many different Snickers bars! 12 unique flavors that I've written about on the blog so far including Original, Hazelnut, Almond, Crunchy Peanut Butter, Creamy Peanut Butter, Creamy Almond Butter, Peanut Brownie, Dark Chocolate Almond Brownie, Snickers White, Snickers Ice Cream Bar, Snickers Peanut Brownie Ice Cream Bar and Snickers Cinnamon Bun. So how did we find 3 more unique flavors? For that we had to go International! 
Aubrey and Jared were recently out and found an amazing little shop that has imported different snack items from all over the world! 

So today we'll be adding Snickers Fruit & Nut, Snickers Kesar Pista, and Snickers Butterscotch to our list of items we've tried!

The name of the shop was Exotic Cravings. Taste the World, they say. Oh, if I had an unlimited budget, I would have a lot of things to try in this shop! Prices can get expensive though. $8 for a Crystal Pepsi. $15 for a single bottle of Pepsi Cream Soda. 

These Snickers bars were $4 each. Thank you Jared and Aubrey! 

So our first International Snickers, coming all the way from India is the Fruit & Nut Snickers bar. 

Nuts, Raisins, Chocolate, Caramel, Nougat.

Ian - Hashtag #EatSnickers!
Joe - First up, fruit and nut! 
Ian - This is going to be tasty! 
Theresa - Does nut include cashews? 
Joe - It certainly looks like it does. The package ingredient list confirms Almonds (7.7%), Cashews (7.7%) and Raisins (5.6%). 

Alli - It doesn't taste that good. 
Chi - I like everything that's in there, but altogether, I'm not crazy about it. 
Joe - I like it. I think it's good. I like the raisin. And I like the nuts better than peanuts. 

Theresa - Sometime you feel like a nut! 
Ian - Sometimes you don't. 
Joe - You like the regular Snickers better? 
Chi - Oh yes! 
Amy - It's kinda weird. 
Ethan - It tastes a lot more like a granola bar. 
Rita - I don't like that at all. 

Next up, Kesar Pista Snickers. I don't know what either of those are. From the package it looks like pistachios. And... what is that red thing? 
Ian - Dragonfruit? 
Joe - I don't think so. 

A Pile of Pista and Almond, Chewy Caramel, and a Slab of Kesar flavoured Nougat, Covered in Chocolate. 

Amy - Is it green? 

Joe - It's definitely green. And lots of nuts! The package confirms there's Almond (13%), Pistachio (4.3%), and Natural Identical Flavor (Saffron). Interesting.  
Ah, the red thing is Saffron! 

Amy - Whoa! That's different. What is that flavor? 
Alli - Yuck! That is not good. 
Theresa - Based on the reactions, I'm going to go with a half one.
Amy - Yeah, I don't like that. That's weird. 
Aubrey - That's disgusting.  

Chi - It's got a real funny taste.  
Amy - What is that? 
Ian - It's PISTA! 
Ethan - I don't think I ever need to try that one again. 
Joe - That bad? 
Theresa - It has a weird spice to it. 
Joe - It's something that you don't usually have in candy. 
Theresa - I wonder if people from that region enjoy that flavor in candy. I didn't think it was bad. Just maybe local. 

Jared - I had to spit it out. 
Ian - I did too! 
Rita - It tastes like cleaner! 
Ethan agreed. 

Looks like the Snickers Butterscotch has seen better days. Something during the trip from India made this chocolate turn white and gritty. 

A Pile of Peanuts, Chewy Caramel, and a Slab of Butterscotch flavoured Nougat, Covered in Chocolate. 

Ian - I look forward to this one a lot more than Kesar Pista.
Chi - It's some very interesting Snickers tonight. So this is like the little candies? 

Despite how it looks...
Alli - That's a good one! 
Amy - I would eat that whole one!
Joe - It's peanuts, but the whole thing has a butterscotch flavor. 
Theresa - I don't really like the butterscotch one either. 
Chi - It's the better one out of the three. 
Ethan - I think it tastes a little like coffee. Or coffee creamer. 

Ian - My favorite is Butterscotch, Fruit & Nut, and last, which was very bad, Kesar Pista. 
Amy - I like the Butterscotch, but the other two I can do without. 
Chi - I don't really care for any of them. 
Alli - My favorite it Butterscotch, followed by Fruit & Nut, then Kesar Pista. 
Theresa - I don't think I'd eat any of those three again. 
Ethan - Fruit & Nut is my favorite. 

Overall, Butterscotch seemed to be the winner today, followed by Fruit & Nut. The Saffron Pistachio Kesar Pista Snickers bar was a little too exotic for our tastes. I'm still glad we got to try it though and add another 3 Snickers to our ever growing list of Snickers items we've tasted! 

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  1. One never knows with International products...regional tastes can be so different from what one is use to... I'm sure those Snickers flavored are enjoyed immensely in those locales. The Butterscotch and Fruit & Nut ones sound like something that isn't too exotic for my taste buds :-). But it was a very interesting taste test (thanks Jared and Aubrey) of some new Snickers flavors! EOM