Sunday, April 14, 2024

Mommy-Son Day - 2024/02/22

Just like Alli and I were having our special day out together, Theresa and Ian are off doing their own thing for the entire day! 

This boy doesn't really like to eat breakfast. But a morning start with McDonald's french fries is good! 

They'd originally planned to start the day with bowling, but it happens to be a league day at the local bowling alley. Instead, they both headed to the nearby Skyzone to jump around on the trampolines!

No mercy, American Gladiators Jousting fight!

The foam pit underneath the climbing wall is fun! 

For lunch, how about Olive Garden, just like Alli and Mom had. 

Now the bowling alley is free! 

Perfect form, just like his grandpa. 

A Spare! Nice! 

Watch the approach. 

Another spare! 

And the obligatory dance afterwards. 

He's got the moves. 

Ian wanted to do something that mommy would like too, and mommy is all about picking fresh fruit. Southern Hill Farms strawberry patch was a fun visit for us previously, so they headed there. Unfortunately it has not been a good year for strawberries in Florida. T has been disappointed with the flavor from the ones we've bought at the grocery store. These here in the field weren't any better. They were directed to a portion of the field where the pickings were slim. They only got these red ones from some workers who were coming back from another area. And even then, they weren't very tasty. Oh well! Moving on! 

After a stop at the grocery store for a GIANT container of Utz cheese balls, he decided he wanted to spend time at home doing puzzle books together with Mom.

For dinner, Theresa has been craving rolls from Texas Roadhouse. Not any of the other food. Just craving rolls. 
The estimated 45 minute wait for a table turned into a 1:15 wait. The rolls were worth it though! Coming out hot and fresh from the kitchen. 

Theresa - I had 4 of them before the meal came. 

And the meal itself was disappointing all around. Theresa steak was tough and the chili was gristly. Ian's chicken strips were bad, and the fries that came with it were inedible. We're spoiled with our home cooking. 
Theresa saw that she can order a dozen rolls to go though for $5. Something to keep in mind the next time a craving hits. 

And for dessert, gotta stop at their favorite shaved ice stop, Bahama Bucks. 
They both came home all smiles after having a really fun day out together!

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  1. A foodie and fun exercise day for Mommy-Son day! Lots of jumping and "crawling" at Skyzone (Ian, way to "crawl" over that tricky spinner rod) but slim pickings in the strawberry fields (at least they looked red and lush)...bowling fun, especially with the spare accomplishment (such a good feeling, Ian!)...mmmm, Texas Roadhouse rolls fresh out of the oven (mouth-watering delicious!)...and some quiet time munching on cheese balls and doing puzzle books together. A special day for Mommy and Ian! EOM