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Visiting Gatorland Florida - 2023/04/08

On a beautiful Saturday in April, our friend Nicole invited us to join her at a classic Florida theme park. 


With our proof of Florida residence, it was $60 for 2 adults and 2 kids. What should we go see first? 

There are a few different pools with gators sunning themselves. 

Even more gators, looking ready to eat. 

Aww, some baby gators. 

Inside a cage is probably the safest place to be when you're bite sized. 

Ooh, a Cuban crocodile! 

She's a pretty one with those banded colors. 

Lookout Ian! 

Definitely some interesting items in the gift shop. I just wonder, where in the house would you put something like this. 

Let's take a trip to the breeding marsh and rookery (where birds raise their young). 

Already we're seeing some big gators. 

And I couldn't imagine thinking this would be a good place to hatch babies. Fall out of the nest and there's plenty of gators who are looking for a meal. 

But still, lots of birds call this place home. 

All of these birds better keep an eye out. But I guess you don't get this big by being careless. This one saw the gator coming, and walked the other way. 

There's a zipline you can pay to go on and take a ride over the gators! 

That is a really big one! 

Don't worry, Cuddles was made out of cement. 

Love the sign. 

There's a petting zoo! Lots of goats, but we see plenty of goats when we visit our friend Henry. 

They have animal feed you can buy, but Ian saw plenty that was spilled on the ground that the animals couldn't reach. 

He scooped up a bunch to share with his sister. Good brother. 

Thanks Ian! 

Big fluffy sheep. 

Nice, a white gator. 

And another. 

When we were wandering back to the front of the park, there as a line to get your picture with a gator!
Ian - I don't want to touch the snake...
Joe - I'll send a picture to your friends Brylie and Lola...
Ian - Okay, I'll do it. 

And sure enough, he was just fine having the ball python draped over his shoulders and holding it in his hands. Alli was a little more timid. 

But worked up the courage to pet the snake still. See! It's not all that bad. 

Thanks Nicole! We had a great time hanging out today! Jacob and Nicole took off to head back home. 

But, we saw there was also a water play area, and the kids brought their bathing suits. 

Nice Ian. 

Thanks Gatorland! We had a fun visit today!

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  1. The family, along w/ Nicole & Jacob, had a fun time at Gatorland! Seeing all those gators at one place takes some getting use to (for me!)...the white ones were an unusual sight...yikes, zip-lining over the gators (the thought makes me shudder :-) ) A little "picture-nudging" to get Ian "comfortable" with the snake around his neck :-)...holding the gator must have felt strange and intimidating at first for Alli & Theresa (or the entire time!) Sharp-eyed Ian saw the animal feed on the ground, and promptly shared his bounty w/ others so they could share in the fun, too (good job, Ian). Now that's a "Do Not Enter" sign that says it straight!! EOM