Friday, June 22, 2018

2018 Belmont Shore Stroll and Savor

Welcome to the Belmont Shore Stroll and Savor! Every summer, the Belmont Shore in Long Beach hosts the Stroll and Savor. An opportunity to walk around and try foods from over 40 different restaurants along 2nd Street. We've been coming here for years, and it's always a treat.


Restaurants serve small samples from their menu right along the sidewalk. Instead of dealing in cash the whole time, they accept tickets. Twelve tickets for $10, so each ticket is worth ~83 cents.

Alli has a handful of tickets and is ready to go.

Here's a list of all the restaurants participating tonight.

Along with a guide of what each location is offering. The ticket prices aren't always correct, as we'd come to find out.

Year after year, our very first stop is always La Strada. They serve a variety of italian pastas, as well as pizza. A couple years ago they served a delicious bruschetta and each time I secretly hope to see them serving it again. No luck this year.

Instead we spent an entire ticket book here sampling the Cheese Ravioli Pomodoro (just your typical cheese ravioli), Fettucini au gratin (delicious), White pizza with spinach (also delicious), and Pepperoni Pizza. It's always a good start to the night here.

Just next door at Thai Gourmet, Jacob picked up a couple fried wontons which were heavy on the cream cheese and light on the crab (just the way I like them).

This little boy loves his pizza and would go on to finish the entire slice all by himself.

At Legends, everyone sampled a pulled pork slider with bacon mac and cheese. I didn't see any bacon in the mac and cheese, nor taste any either. I think it was just regular mac and cheese. But for 3 tickets for a sandwich and side, I wasn't too disappointed.

Here we go. More pizza, and not just any pizza, deep dish pizza.

At Rance's Chicago Pizza, they offer a meat lovers deep dish topped with jalapeƱos. Are they reading my mind or what? Along with that, they had Bourbon Maple chicken wings.

Both were fantastic. Probably my favorite restaurant of the night.

At Sancho's Tacos, everyone split a tasty Cheese and Carnitas Quesadilla.

Across the street at Domenico's, we came across even more delicious italian food.

The Ground Pepperoni pizza has always been a favorite. Along with that was a Sausage Tomato Cream Pasta (yummy), and a Chicken Basil Cream Pasta (quickly becoming a favorite, and something I will get every time I come).

That pizza is completely covered in pepperoni.

The kids have been wanting ice cream all day. Luckily Paradis offered scoops of gelato for 3 tickets. Their strawberry gelato is delicious and tastes like fresh strawberries.

A new restaurant to us was Lasher's Kitchen. They offered Prime Rib Chile Fries for 5 tickets.

Probably wouldn't get this one again. It was a bit soggy on the fries (more like a stew) and we had to look hard to find any bits of meat.

Here we go. Pie Hole knows how to tempt me. Offering both apple and blueberry pies curbside, I couldn't resist.

And after I bought the blueberry pie, I learned that no-one else in the group likes blueberry pie. Guess I'll just have to eat the whole thing all by myself... Aww.

Further down the street at Simmzy's, Theresa always get their Brussel Sprouts.

Normally that's all they offer, but today they had bacon wrapped jalapeƱo poppers for just 1 ticket each. Yum!

Another new restaurant to me is Snow Monster. If it were just another ice cream place offering the same typical flavors, I probably would have kept walking. But, offer a unique flavor that piques my curiosity, and I'm sure to stop. When I saw Brown Butter ice cream, I knew I'd be trying it.

Exactly the taste I'd expect from Browned Butter ice cream, along with little crunchy bits of something unknown inside.

Our strategy for the Stroll and Savor is always to spend tickets on whatever we think is going to be tasty, with the knowledge that at the end is the Frosted Cupcakery. Any tickets that are left over can easily be spent on mini cupcakes at the end of the night. In years past, these mini cupcakes have been 1 ticket each, so getting rid of tickets is easy.
You can almost see the disappointment on Theresa's face upon seeing that prices are now 2 tickets per cupcake instead of just 1. Our dreams of coming home with a small tray full of cupcakes is now gone.

They still look tasty though.

In a surprise move, both kids chose a heart cupcake instead of a sprinkle cupcake.

Well I walked away from the Stroll and Savor stuffed. Between the 4 adults and 2 kids, I believe we spent $70 on tickets, and got to sample over a dozen different items. We're sure to keep coming back year after year.

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