Saturday, June 23, 2018

Grand Opening of the Pixar Pier and the Incredicoaster - part 2

Continuing our morning at Disney's California Adventure, the three of us are ready to ride the Incredicoaster.
At this point around 10:45am, the line is only backed up to the Adorable Snowman booth.

I love how all these Pixar characters are out and about. I think this was a meet and greet line, but Mr. Incredible and Edna we walking up and down the line greeting people.

And Frozone was at the other end of the line.

Hi Sulley. Alli and I used a Fastpass to try to ride Toy Story Mania again, but once we got to the front, the ride went down. Maintenance was called and a few minutes later cars started moving again. And within another minute everything stopped again and this time cast members started clearing out the line. I'm used to just being out of luck when a ride breaks down. This time though, our passes were scanned and we received an Anytime Fastpass.

While Alli and I were on Toy Story, everyone else was at Goofy's Sky School using a fastpass there. And as it happens, Goofy's Sky School broke down too. Their regular fastpasses turned into Anytime Fastpasses, and even though the cast members were saying they wouldn't work on the Incredicoaster, the Disneyland app showed it as an option.
Since we've already got fastpasses for the Incredicoaster, the next best option was Guardians of the Galaxy. Ian is always super serious about raising his hands and receiving "clearance".

It's nice when we get the front row and Ian doesn't get blocked by hands for the photo.

Well... at least he has his hands up.

More Pixar characters out and about. Hi Flik!

Finally 12:15 rolled around and it was time to use our fastpass. The regular line is showing a 75 minute wait. The fastpass line was pretty short, not even extending past the regular entrance.

Five minutes after getting in line, we ready to board. And we're in the front row!

I've avoided spoilers for the ride as much as I could, so perhaps I'd built it up in my mind to be a little more than what was planned. I know it's an overlay on an existing ride, so there's only so much they can do, but I left it feeling a bit underwhelmed.

Well we did it. I wouldn't wait a super long time for it, but I was happy to see it. Especially on the very first day.

The standby line is getting a lot better too. Now it's not even extending into the pier walkway.

Leaving the pier to see what other adventures are out there.

I've seen Thor, Loki, and Captain America, but this is my first time seeing Doctor Strange in the park.

Before went over to Disneyland, the kids were recruited to play a game with the citizens of Buena Vista Street. It had to do with passing a package as quickly as possible from person to person, and Ian was super serious about "winning". He'd try to get the attention of kids who were spaced out and was quick to pass the package when it was his turn.

Over at Disneyland, the streets were surprisingly clear. Whether that's a result of people being at DCA, or just a result of all but the top Annual Passes being blocked, I don't know.

More characters out and about. Are they just out more often on Saturdays?

There's just something about Mary.

The kids really wanted to drive, so it was off to Autopia. I don't like waiting in the 20 minute line, breathing the exhaust of all these cars, but what can you do. Isn't this ride due for an upgrade? Tesla, can you be the new sponsor?

The kids don't care though. They get a thrill out of driving.

Alli drives like Fozzie Bear, turning the steering wheel back and forth the whole time, even when she's just going straight.

Next, the boys all went to ride Space Mountain together. Ian is too small to be seen.

Followed by a round of Star Tours. This happened to be Ethan's first time on this ride. Shocking.

While we were off doing our thing, the girls headed over to Fantasyland.

This pink and purple girl was thrilled to be on the pink and purple horse.

We can't leave without doing a round on Gadget's Go-coaster.

Oh yeah! Hands up the whole way.

It's a small world after all.

To finish our day, those of us who didn't have a headache from all the motion rides joined each other in a cup of tea at a Mad Tea Party. There's a parade happening behind us so we've got a little time to kill before we can make our way to the exit.

Some obligatory photos in front of the castle. The park looks empty from this photo.

We followed the parade down Main Street and out of the park. And it gave me an opportunity to get a picture of Rex on the parade float and Ethan's Rex hat.

Another awesome day at the park. I'm glad we got to be here for the Grand Opening of Pixar Pier!

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