Saturday, June 23, 2018

Grand Opening of Pixar Pier!

June 23rd, 2018. The day of the Grand Opening of the Pixar Pier at Disney's California Adventure. And we happen to have some visitors from Michigan here to celebrate with us!

Having the park open up at 9am helped us make it to the park before opening. Parking took a while this morning too. Seems everyone had the same idea and it took 25 minutes to get from the freeway into the parking garage. We'd planned on that too though and were inside DCA with 10 minutes to spare before rope drop. Early Magic Hours are at Disneyland today so we really are among the first to experience the new Pier.

Around 8:55am the regular announcement welcomed everyone to DCA, with nothing special being mentioned about the new pier. The rope dropped and the masses started the crawl.

Once everyone arrived at the entrance to the pier, they were directed to stay to the left side to get in line for the new Incredicoaster, or stay to the right side to check out everything else. Luckily for us, I snagged a Fastpass right after we got into the park for the Incredicoaster at noon.

And instead of fighting the masses, we happen to know another way to get to where we're going, now that they've reopened all the pathways.

Since our fastpasses are tied up with the Incredicoaster, our first stop of the day is Toy Story Midway Mania. Looking around, there's so many people celebrating Pixar in their own way today. So many families are wearing Incredibles shirts, Pixar shirts, backpacks, and plushes. Standing in line I was talking with a couple different groups, just about favorite Pixar movies, Pixar shorts, etc. There was a lot of excitement in the air.

It was a really short line and we were quickly at the front.

Ride partners today are T and me.

Ethan and Ian.

And Alli and Rita.

Check it out! One of us got the highest score for the day! 329,300 is a new record amongst our group.  

The kids liked playing with the new water feature.

Wonder why they didn't make it yellow also.

I like all the tributes to Pixar. The Pixar short La Luna was really cute.

And Wall-E is probably my favorite Pixar movie so far.

Some of the new food offerings on the new pier. Perhaps another time in the future when I'm in the area for lunch.

Another churro spot. Though this Caliente spicy churro could be pretty tasty.

And at the Poultry Palace I'll eventually get around to trying the chicken drumsticks.

Mmm. Those Jack Jack Cookie Num Nums are coming out of the oven hot and fresh.

Here's a look at the line 25 minutes after park opening. It's crazy in the area surround the entrance.

The line backs up all the way down the pier.

Taking a group photo in front of the new Pier sign. Our hats today are of course inspired by Pixar. Ian is wearing a Little Green Man hat (originally from Disneyland Paris). Alli is wearing a reversible Buzz/Zurg bucket hat. Ethan has a Rex hat from Tokyo Disneyland. Rita has a Monsters Inc hardhat from Disney on Ice. T has a Mike Wazowski hat from Disneyland. And my Ratatouille hat came from Disneyland Paris. We all got lots of comments on our hats today, especially Ethan and me.

Continuing our view of the line for the Incredicoaster, you can see it stretches all the way in front of Ariel.

Before finally winding down into the World of Color viewing area. There are no posted wait times at this point. It's probably anyone's guess, but I certainly wouldn't be waiting in this kind of crazy line.

With so many people checking out the new pier area, the rest of the park was relatively quiet.

We practically walked onto Luigi's, while Rita and Ethan walked through the single rider line on Radiator Springs Racers.

Then we all joined back up and had a short 5 minute wait for Mater. Alli and Ethan doing a little bit of dancing to the music.

Having a great time.

Continued in part 2.

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