Monday, June 18, 2018

2018 Pasadena Chalk Festival - Sunday Day 2

It's Fathers Day and we're all up in Pasadena checking out the 2018 Pasadena Chalk Festival. Ruston and I worked hard to finish everything up on Saturday. Thankfully when we came back on Sunday it had survived the night unscathed!

Check out the time-lapse of us creating Herbie.

One of the cool things Ruston did was make Herbie stickers to give out. Any kids (or even adults) who showed a particular interest in our work got a sticker. Ian and Alli both got stickers. And I made them matching hats.

They both want to help with the chalk drawing, so I made sure to leave them something to do when they arrived. We need to take off the blue tape and finally have Herbie popping out of this black outline.

Ian being careful to not step on our neighbor's mural while pulling up the tape.

All done!

I think it turned out really great this year. Nice choice Ruston.

Otter Pop is one of the sponsors this year, so I took the kids over and we all got free otter pops.

The 3D Otter Pop chalk mural.

It's been tradition to go to Islands for years now. But after all those times, finally we're changing it up. PF Changs is delicious and to beat the crowds, we all got there as soon as they opened.

After lunch, it was time to walk the festival and check out all the other murals.
Shuji Nishimura did a great job on his Picasso piece, and took 3rd place overall for Best in Festival.

The Freddie Mercury mural near us that we've been hearing music from all day.

Michelle Roquemore's cheeseburger looks good enough to eat! It was so good, all her fellow artists voted her 2nd Best in Festival.

Ruston ran into this guy on Thursday, who decided the chalk festival looked like fun and signed up 3 days ago.

Ian made a lot of people feel good about their art. He got very excited about each new mural, saying things like "Look how colorful it is!" and "Daddy, you HAVE to take a picture of this one!"

I'm excited to see the new Incredibles.

Mmm. Ice cream.

Ruston and I thought the technique on this one was amazing. We spoke to the artist a little bit and she said she was going for the Monet look. Looks great to me.

Ian just loves baby Groot. He's seen a lot of him on Guardians of the Galaxy.


JPL and Caltech teamed up to make this mural about space exploration.

Charlotte Scoville has made some amazing drawings in the past. This year she took home the prize for "Best Rendition of a Masterpiece" with this Mulan.

I love Wall-E. Probably my favorite Pixar movie.

Ian immediately got the reference for the Haunted Mansion.

And after seeing that, thought this must be from the Tiki Room.

World Peace won for "Best use of Color"

An awesome 3D piece which won Best 3D Effect.

Over in Animation Alley, Jamie Leake took home the prize for "Best Animation Mural". I thought it was the most humorous too. Peanut Butter trying to stop Jelly's wedding to Ketchup.

Kayla Garcia did an amazing job with her Wonder Woman mural last year. She's doing an equally great job on Doctor Strange this year. Her efforts won her both "Best Technique" and the Paseo People's Choice Award.

Up in the Chalk of Fame (featuring movies), I liked how this Coco mural had flags as well as an ofrenda.

Who doesn't love Ferris Bueller? The fellow artists voted this the "Best of Chalk of Fame".

Just one more treat before we go. Mrs. Fields was nice enough to give us cookies yesterday. We felt the need to go grab a few more cookies before taking off and heading home.
We all said our goodbyes and all headed home. Ruston stayed around a little longer, walking around the festival and chatting with people, then he also headed home.

It's a little strange how things worked out from there. Ruston went to the gym, but put one of his Herbie stickers on his shirt. Someone at the gym saw it and asked if he'd seen the Herbie mural at the Chalk Festival a few blocks away. Ruston talked to the guy for a little bit, saying yes, I was the artist who did the mural. Turns out this was another artist at the festival, and he told Ruston "hey, I voted for you." Ruston was on the fence about going to the awards ceremony later that night, but that one interaction pushed him over. He wasn't expecting to win anything (looking at the categories I didn't see anything we'd fit into), but felt he should support all the other artists who were there.

Little did he know... he was about to get called to the stage, because he won!
Each of the artists had ballots to vote for their favorites in a variety of categories. Herbie was voted "Most Humorous"! I'm guessing it was a combination of the mural, our outfits, and our interactions with everyone passing by.
Ruston went up on stage, gave a quick speech, and then asked if someone could take a photo of him on stage. It was all really exciting. Ruston called me minutes later with a "We won! We won!" I'm sorry I missed it, but really glad he was there for it!

And I think we got a pretty decent prize pack too! Probably something like a $250 value. A bandana, t-shirt, and sunglasses from Otter Pops. A portable blu-tooth speaker, some paint samples, a gift card to Islands, 4 entrees at a Mexican restaurant, and a family membership to the LA Zoo!

What a great year at the Chalk Festival! Time to start thinking about next year!

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