Saturday, June 2, 2018

Florida - Magic Kingdom - Day 3 Part 2

After a fun start to the day at the Animal Kingdom, everyone headed to Epcot to finish our trip.

Alli swapping places with Ian and giving him a push.

The kids love Spaceship Earth.

When you know what picture to expect, you can match your face to the figures. Theresa unfortunately didn't get recognized.

While we're in the area, might as well get a popcorn refill. I like how it includes all the flavored popcorns too.

Once again the kids are using their imagination with Figment.

And enjoying the fun-zone afterwards. After designing her dragon, what name did she want to give her? Figment of course.

Hi Jacob! Just a quick stop to say hello and hand off our popcorn bucket. He'll be staying for a few more days. We're leaving tomorrow.

Wandering around the world showcase, the France pavilion looked inviting. Everyone enjoyed the Impressions de France film. Perhaps a visit is in order before too long...

After you exit, you are greeted by the Boulangerie and Patisserie. No-one has had dinner yet, and French food is delicious. Anything that looked tasty, we ordered, with the intention of splitting it later at the table. Alli pointing out something pink.

Say Fromage!

A delicious strawberry tart.

So many things going on. Two different types of quiche, chocolate brioche, creme brûlée, and a Napoleon Cake.

Ian saw the many colors of macarons and wanted the assortment. He gave out the colors to whoever wanted them. Any guesses who wanted the pink macaron?

Someone likes chocolate. I certainly wasn't disappointed with the food from France. Everything was tasty.

Our meal finished, it was time to hightail it over to the Frozen ride before the park closes.

And we made it with minutes to spare. They closed the doors shortly after getting there. Look at the queue behind us! Empty!

Bye Elsa!

Gram and the kids have been looking for a penny press for the last couple days but didn't find any they loved. Exiting Epcot though, there's a few different penny machines available.

Alli was really proud of hers.

It's Duffy!

Ian of course wanted to help crank his penny out.

Loving it!

Mickey! Along with the Epcot logo.

All trips must come to an end. Now it's time to head home. Luckily enough for us, our flight isn't until later this afternoon, so we've got some time to spare.

The pool at the condo we're renting was a great place to hang out all morning.

Yep, Ian can still do this. He's starting to get heavy though!

Time to head to the airport. Everyone has to carry something.

Ending the trip with how we started it. A ride on the airport train.

Bye Pop Pop!

Love you Gram!

Time to fly home. It's been a fun trip. First to Michigan and then ending in Florida.
Luckily these guys are good travelers.

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