Friday, September 23, 2022

Chuck E Cheese Cotton Candy Taste Test

Chuck E Cheese is where a kid can be a kid! There's so many prizes to choose from, but the best way we've found to spend our tickets is for cotton candy! While you can get a large Tootsie Roll for 60 tickets, or a sucker for 80, a whole bag of cotton candy is only 300 tickets!  

Charles Entertainment Cheese and his friends make lots of cotton candy fresh in the store every day!

If we look at the back of the bag, we see that there's a whole bunch of different possible flavors. 15 unique ones! 

Ah, on closer inspection, these are all from the Gold Medal Products company. 

These are the standard flavors of flossugar that we see all every time we see someone making cotton candy. 

The one thing the Chuck E Cheese cotton candy is missing though is a flavor guide. All you've got to go on is the color. Is this watermelon? Cherry? Bubble gum?
We've got blue, purple, pink, and green. And is that really purple, or did they add blue while they already had pink in the machine? Who knows? 

And does it really matter? 

The flavor on these is fairly light. I think we taste with our eyes just as much as with our tongues. Does it really taste like blue raspberry? 

I think it's watermelon. 

The one exception for us was the green one. That one definitely tasted like green apple. 

Cotton candy is a fun favorite for everyone. 

And it's sticky sweet!

After trying the four different flavors they had at this Chuck E Cheese, we'd decided. 

Isaac, Eli, and Josh all liked the Green Apple aka Sassy Apple. 

While Ian, Emma, and Alli liked the Blue Raspberry which could have been either Boo Blue or Razzleberry. 

And with so much cotton candy, what else can we do? The kids wanted to experiment. 

How is it? 

Sweet sugar water! Always a good thing! 

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  1. Cotton Candy + Water = Sweet Sugar Water!!...looks like the kids enjoyed the experiment's outcome :-) Looks like a tie among the young cousins, with 3 votes each on the Apple and the Blue Raspberry. A favorite but so true line was, "Taste with our eyes just as much as with our tongues"!!!...amazing how our brains work through our senses. That cotton candy taste test was a "sweet" one :-) EOM