Wednesday, September 21, 2022

Taco Bell Cheddar Crisps Taste Test Comparison

I know everyone likes Taco Bell, but what about Taco Bell Cheddar Crisps? Megan bought these for me a long time ago, and now that we're in Colorado, we get a chance to taste them together! 

There are 3 different flavors available. Mild Sauce flavor, Fire Sauce flavor, and Nacho flavor. 
I always like to taste them with something, so we'll be trying them against the Mild Sauce, Fire Sauce, and since they don't make a Nacho flavored sauce, I'll just pick the Hot Sauce. 

Mild - 100% Real Cheese + the FLAVOR of our Mild Sauce make this a craveable, crunchy, oven-baked snack. 
Fire - 100% Real Cheese + the HEAT of our Fire Sauce make this a craveable, crunchy, oven-baked snack. 
Nacho - 100% Real Cheese + our Bold Mexican Spices make this a craveable, crunchy, oven-baked snack. 

So these are oven-baked huh? When we made Parmesan Crisps at home we found that the microwave was the best option
You can see these are orange, cheddar cheese crisps. Looks like they've been dusted with spices too. 

Since we aren't just going to eat the sauce by itself, I grabbed a few tortilla chips to drizzle the sauce on for comparison. 

First up, the mildest of all the flavors, Mild Sauce!

Ian doesn't mind the Mild Sauce ones.
Megan - I don't like the size of them. You have to get like 4 of them to be a good bite. 
Patrick - They need to be chip size. 

Megan doling out the sauces on the chips. 

Avery just eats chips. 

Next is Nacho. It's got a little bit more flavor than the Mild Crisp. 

Ian was bold and tried Hot Sauce on the chip. He didn't care for it. But Alli liked it! She requested another chip with hot sauce.  

Finally we have the Fire Sauce flavored crisp. 

Sheila - Ooh, the Fire hits late! I was ready to move on to the next one, but then it hit me in the back of the throat. 

Patrick - I like the Mild Cheese Crisps and the Hot Sauce on a chip. I don't like Fire anything. 
Sheila - I like the Mild Cheese Crisps and the Nacho after that. 
Megan - I don't really like these Cheese Crisps. Though I feel like they would be better crumbled on top of something. 

Megan - These would probably be better if you covered them in sauce. 
And they were!
Thank you Megan for supplying the Taco Bell Cheddar Crisps!

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  1. A little sauce helps everything taste a little better :-) The Fire Sauce crisps sound a bit on the hot side! Think I'll stick with the tortilla chips with a bit of sauce on them. Megan came up with another fun taste test! EOM