Thursday, September 1, 2022

The Flowers Explore - Sequoia National Park Pt 2 - 2022/06/23

Having spent the first half of our day looking at all the giant Sequoias in Grant's Grove, our next hike took us over to the Big Stump Picnic Area. Logging in the area took out many of the old grove trees here, but we can still go an appreciate the size of them. 

This 2 mile hike will take us down to a tree known as the Mark Twain stump, and past many other large stumps. 

The stumps in this area are cut low enough that they are perfect size for climbing on. The kids and I both like to get up close and experience whatever we can. 

These trees are huge! But fun to climb!

Another one. 

More. Almost as fun as climbing the rocks at Joshua Tree. Almost. 

Alli pointing out handholds and footholds to Ian. 

Think about how much wood you might get from one of these trees. But how difficult would it have been to topple?

Another tree that Theresa really wanted to decorate as a Christmas Tree. 

The hike took us along a path that led us to this giant. I'm not sure what caused it to break up like this, but it looks like it shattered!

A short time later we found this sign. Turns out shattered is the right word for it. 

Finally we made it to the Mark Twain Stump. In 1891, while lumbermen were cutting down other trees for lumber, the American Museum of Natural History in New York wanted a cross section of a giant sequoia for display. It took the US Army 8 days to saw it down. Once it reached New York, the crowds were amazed and it brought a renewed interest in helping preserve these natural wonders. 

Continuing along the Big Stump loop, the kids found this tree which they thought looked like a castle!

Kids - Can we climb higher? 
Go for it! Enjoy! 

Though climbing down might be a little difficult! 
Ha! Ian got a kick out of this picture. 

One of the large picnic areas to enjoy. 

These trees grow quickly! These two trees were planted by a logger in 1888. Theresa had to give them a hug. 

And we followed. 

Just off the path was another tree that looked a little beat up. But looking through those large roots, it looked like there was a way inside! 

Let's explore!

It was a tight squeeze, but we were able to make it to the middle. 

This would have been a great shelter. 

If it weren't for the giant hole in the roof! Really cool!

We loved our time here at the Giant Sequoia Forest! These trees are amazing!

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  1. That "roofless" shelter was unexpected...wonder if very many others explored it, too, since it wasn't an "obvious 'cave' !" Had to do a bit of climbing to get onto the tree stumps' tops...normally, we just "step" onto tree stumps, but definitely not the case with those huge, old Sequoias! That did look like a "castle" stump. Ian liked the stumps so much he "snagged himself" one :-) Seeing the forest of trees and the green meadow before it is a nice view for a picnic. EOM