Saturday, September 10, 2022

Morgan Hill RV Park Pt 1 - 2022/06/26-07/06

It was a fun time seeing the giant sequoia trees and visiting Fresno to see the fruit trail. Now it's time to move on!

Our travels today will take us about 4 hours over towards San Jose California, just north of the town of Gilroy! 

And here is our home for the next 2 weeks! Morgan Hills RV Resort! 

Check-in was easy enough. Sites are first come, first served, so hopefully we can find something we like. 

The only really problem with this park is that there's no sewer hookups, except for 5 sites and two dump stations. We knew that ahead of time, so we'd hoped to get into one of those 5 spots. 
But after check-in they said they are under construction, including one of the dump stations. That leaves just 1 dump station for all the different RV sites here. I see a lot of trips with the honey wagon hooked to the back of the truck in my future. I really don't like it when we don't have sewer. I seem to turn into the water police. 

This place is much more of a "resort" than many of the other places we've visited. Let's go see what they've got!
The kids were drawn to the badminton court, though they agreed that they needed a bit more practice. This could be a sand volleyball court too!

They had a small playground that the kids enjoyed. 

There's an Olympic size pool too, though during our whole visit, the kids didn't want to go. There's too much other stuff to do!

Like mini-golf! Though some of these holes can be a little ridiculous! On most courses there's some way to get a hole-in-one, but on this course, good luck! 

Hole number 2 was just as ridiculous! I like the smile at the top though with 2 holes for eyes. 

There were some interesting dynamic features though, like a stairway on one side, or a ramp to go down the other. 

Ah, here's a hole where there's a possibility to sink it in one! Straight as an arrow. Just have to get it through the narrow gap halfway down the course. 

But I made it! So that was Hole 11. We looked around for the rest of the course, across the street, etc, but that was it! Just 11 holes for this course. 

Morgan Hill also has a large grassy field that was great for practicing throwing the ball around. 

We've started making a game out of it where they win a point for a regular catch, or triple points for a pop fly! 

The kids were excited to show off their newest creation. 

A vending machine!

Just put a coin in the side, pull the flap down, and out comes a snack. 

Love the creativity!

During one of our evening walks, the kids saw this flyer, advertising the different events they're offering. There's so many things to do as we are coming up on the 4th of July! The kids wanted to do it all!

Our first event, was the freeze-dance game. They were the only ones there! The recreation director had her phone hooked to a speaker and would randomly pause the music. The kids wiggled around for a while, getting extra sweaty, but having fun. 

What they really wanted to do was the Bottle Rockets. Bottle Rockets like fireworks? No, this is something different. The kids got empty water bottles along with all the streamers, pipe cleaners, and buttons and glue, they could use to decorate. 

Ah, here's the real magic. Vinegar and baking soda! Ian helped Ms. Alesia fold up the baking soda in the paper towel sachets. 

Let's see those bottle rockets! Those look flight ready!

Outside, all the kids got their packet of baking soda and put it into their decorated bottle. 

Followed by a glug of vinegar. Each kid also got a cork, which was shoved in the opening. 

You can catch a video of some of the attempts. 

Afterwards, we stuck around for Fireworks Art. 

Kids got construction paper, glue, and all the glitter they wanted. There was so much loose glitter all over the tables and floor. 

I participated too!

And used the leftover glitter as part of my decoration. 

Ugh, glitter gets everywhere! 

Next, it's game time! All the board games came out. 

And they had fun playing activities director Alesia in ring toss. 

That evening we went back out to the grass field where they've set up a giant screen! I was throwing balls to the kids and got a few others to join us. With the three of them lined up, I held three balls in my hand and threw all three at once to them. Easy enough when there's 3 kids to catch them. When they threw all 3 back at me at the same time it was a little more difficult to catch them!

Snacks for sale before the movie. We ended up skipping the movie and heading back to the RV to watch our own movie. 

After our Patriotic Bike Parade in the morning, we came back for rock painting! There's lots of paint and brushes, and the kids can design whatever they want. 

I wasn't sure what I wanted to make. In the end, I decided to make a beach scene, plus a blue M&M!

Alli was inspired and decided to make the rest of the M&M lineup, and I like her artist palate rock. Ian made a red ladybug. Theresa decided to make a strawberry, which I thought turned out great!
Well that's part 1 of Morgan Hill! There's plenty more though that we'll continue in part 2!

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  1. No wonder the kids didn't have time for the pool! So many different fun activities leading up to July 4th...wild, colorful bottle pretty to see the glue + glitter creations...such colorful rock painting creations and creative ideas (colors are so rich and deep; wonder if you could/would eat an M&M as big as that blue one :-) ) That was a creative vending machine by Ian & Alli...nice...there was even a family discount (can't beat that!) An "11-hole" mini-golf course with the final hole offering a hole-in-one possibility (congrats on that)...guess that hole-in-one possibility is to assuage any disappointment that there aren't more holes to play :-) EOM