Thursday, September 15, 2022

Morgan Hill RV Park Pt 2 - 2022/06/26-07/06

We are in Central California at Morgan Hill RV. I have loved all the activities they have had to offer for the busy July 4th week that we're here! The kids want to do them all!

The kids are all decked out in their July 4th finest. Earlier today we had a fun bike parade. Alli loves her wings and headband. The staff at Morgan Hill brought out lots of craft materials to make necklaces and bracelets and the kids went to work. 

I tried to make a little something out of colored straws, but had a hard time tying it all together and holding it in place. 

Later in the evening, the large field was being used to hold the last event of the day. Live Music and Outdoor Games. We got out there early and played a little bit of bocce ball. 

And there was a stack of hula hoops! None of us know how to do it (me included), but we're willing to try. 

Alli was especially determined to figure out how to do it. While Ian was off running around doing different things, she had a hula hoop and kept at it. 

Ian found a buddy and played corn hole with him, and some Jenga. They had a lot of fun together. 

And did Alli figure out that hula hoop? She did! And so did I! And Theresa too! 
It was a fun evening with great live music. 

The next morning was Sunday and it was time for something the kids have been looking forward to for a long time. Candy Bar Bingo! The last time I remember playing this was last October when we were on the other side of the country in Massachusetts. We were warned that Candy Bar Bingo was really popular here and that the rec room would fill up with people. We got there early. 
Alli - Ian, let me draw your portrait. 

Ha! Nice Alli!

And she colored a Fathers Day card for me too. 

The inside was getting so busy, and there's no AC, so everyone shuffled to the tables outside in the shade. 

Time for candy bar bingo! And what's this? Candy bars? The last time we went to one of these, everyone who wanted to play had to donate a candy bar. This time they are providing all the candy! 

Theresa, Alli and I took one side of a picnic table. Ian wanted to go sit with his buddy from last night. 
Everyone can take 3 bingo boards while Ms. Elisia calls out numbers. 
We played multiple variations of Bingo and with this many people I wasn't expecting much.   

But with two winner per round, we had our fair share of success. Theresa took a win!

And Ian got one too!

Verifying all the numbers match. Success!

It was a fun way to spend an hour on Sunday morning. Ian came away with his favorite candy bar, 3 Musketeers. 

And shared with his buddy. 

During the evenings we still tried to get out and take walks. Ian spotted these blackberries. 

We checked with the front gate and got the usual answer. "We're not saying you can, but we're not saying you can't." 
The berries were a bit off the road and not accessible to anyone but me with my longer reach. 

Alli - If they're good we can come back and get more!
Joe - We? 
Alli - We can all come back and Daddy can get more. 

After washing them, the verdict was that these were not ready yet. 

The whole 2 weeks we we've been here, the internet has been spotty. Even with the paid internet, it's so slammed with everyone else using it during the day that it's not useful. Our best option at times was to head to the clubhouse to use their free wifi. The kids love playing Minecraft and love getting online to play with friends. 

In lieu of having an internet connecting, I pulled out the Nintendo Switch and the kids and I focused on unlocking a bonus character. After a few days of trying, we've finally done it!

Gold Metal Mario! He's not easy to get either. There's 4 different divisions that you can race in. 50cc (easy), 100cc, 150cc, and 200cc (difficult). Each Cup has 4 races and to win Gold Metal Mario you have to come in 1st place in each of the 12 cups! 

The kids made a checklist to help keep track of which Cups we still needed to complete. And I like that everyone contributed. 
Now we've got to take on another challenge. Unlocking the Gold Wheels, Gold Parachute, and Gold Race Kart!

On our second to last day here, we've got a special treat. Chuck E Cheese!

They've had such fun with it when we were in Redondo Beach that we decided to start going a few more times this summer. On Wednesdays you can get 1 hour of unlimited playtime for $17.99. Theresa also buys discounted gift cards from Sams for a 25% discount, making it only $13.50 an hour. 

Different Chuck E Cheese stores have different games too!

Timing games almost always seem rigged to skip over the jackpot. 

Going behind the back like some of the YouTubers he watches. 

This mini basketball game was over in the little kids area, and it was really easy to get baskets. After a couple tries, I found that if you scored over 70 points you get 100 tickets! That's huge for these low payout games here! It's pretty much impossible for a kid to do it, but for an adult who can basically drop the ball in the basket, it was doable. The kids would start a game for me, then run off to play something themselves. 

Tippin Bloks is another game the kids have seen being played on YouTube. They were excited to see it in person here, and got a feel for how difficult it really is to beat!

At the Ticket Redemption Booth we waited patiently while this Grandma pulled out a shopping bag of physical tickets that the worker had to count by hand! It's great that they have moved on to electronic tickets for their sake!

Thanks Charles Entertainment Cheese! 
It's been a fun visit to Morgan Hill! Time to move on to our next location!

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  1. Those hula hoops look so fun, but not as easy as it first appears (tried it once and discovered that!)...but Alli, Theresa, and you caught on pretty quick (kind of hard doing a selfie when doing the hula hoop!)...good job on getting the hang of it! Nice to see Ian finding a buddy to play Jenga and then hanging out w/ him for Candy Bar Bingo (and then sharing his 3 Musketeers prize w/ his friend...his buddy must have felt extra special w/ that gesture) A smile came to my face when Alli said, "We can all come back and Daddy can get more" in response to the "We?" :-) Good teamwork on the Nintendo Switch game. Lots of fun times at Chuck E. Cheese (no wonder they got rid of those physical tickets :-) ) EOM