Monday, September 19, 2022

Pizza at Home - Curry Pizza with Jacob

It's Sunday and that means it's pizza day! And we have Jacob over! Jacob is a big fan of curry, and so it wasn't too difficult to figure out the inspiration for today's pizza. You guessed it! Curry!

A couple days before, Theresa and I made curry. Starting with boiled potatoes and carrots. 

Along with chicken, corn, onions, and green beans. 

We'll be using cubes from this Vermont Curry we got from an Asian market. 

That cooked up and made the house smell delicious! 

I'll be using my standard thin crust pizza dough, but this time I pre-cooked the crust. I knew that the curry topping would be quite wet, and I was concerned the dough might not get crispy if I only baked it after adding the topping. 

I wanted the curry pizza to look a little more interesting than just the curry mixture on top of the crust. I decided to mix up a little greek yogurt, thinned with milk, and sweetened with a little sugar. 

It went into the oven looking like this. 

And came out bubbling looking like this. The crust was perfectly crispy! 

I gave the pizza a drizzle with my yogurt mixture, plus added some basil on top, mostly for color. 

Theresa slicing it up for us to enjoy tonight. 

Along with the curry pizza, we'll have a Therizza with figs. 

My plate tonight. 


Does curry work on a pizza? 
I'm getting a thumbs up from the two critics who matter the most! Curry pizza is great!

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  1. Curry!...yum, yum, I like it, too! Was wondering how it would do on the pizza, but it looks like a winner (and the crust still stayed crispy!) The yogurt mixture drizzle made the final presentation even better. Jacob gave a nice inspiration for a creative pizza. Another pizza idea gets onto the redo list :-) EOM