Monday, September 5, 2022

Pizza at Home - Fresno Fruit Trail Pizza with Naylor Organics Peaches and The Berry Lady Blueberries

Happy Sunday! We're near Fresno and one of the things we love about this city is the Fresno Fruit Trail! Continuing our theming of California based pizzas, this week I am making a pizza based on the tasty fruits we pick up!

"The best blueberries I've ever had" - Theresa
Back in 2008 when we came to visit the Berry Lady, I thought we had bought enough blueberries, but 30 minutes later, Theresa had me turn to car around to come back and get more! She's compared every blueberry since that time to this one, and none of them have been able to compare. We had to get a bunch of these. 

And while we were chatting with the Berry Lady, Gayle, she said that if we really wanted some delicious peaches, we had to go visit Nori at Naylor Organics and pick our own peaches. We headed over there and filled a bag!

And while we were there, Mrs. Nori told us about the bees that service her orchard. A local beekeeper asked if he could put bee boxes at the back of her orchard, and it's worked out great for both of them! 

Let's start cooking! Starting with the peaches, it was really convenient that these were freestone peaches. 

I've seen grilled peaches before, but I don't have a grill at the moment. Instead I'm going to caramelize my peaches on the stovetop! I lightly brushed the pan with oil and then let the peaches cook. 

I'm going with a cold pizza tonight, so I'm not cooking any of the ingredients. Just the crust needs to be baked. I rolled out my thin crust pizza dough, docked it with a fork, and tossed it into my pizza oven. 

And then I got distracted trying to get other things ready... It's still totally edible, but it was a little overdone for what I was trying to do tonight. I broke off a piece and was amazed. This is delicious! It tastes like a giant Saltine cracker! 

Luckily I made extra pizza dough and tossed another into the oven. 

My sauce tonight is going to be a sweetened cream cheese. I blended cream cheese and powdered sugar until it was creamy. 

Our chef tonight. 

That cream cheese was spread over the pre-baked crust. 

Topped with Berry Lady blueberries. 

And finally with caramelized Naylor Organics peaches. 

Can't forget the honey! This is Hinkle's Honey, also from Fresno. 

The kids thought the jar was adorable, especially with the Honey Dipper attached. 

Since they were the ones who wanted to buy the honey I let them add it to the pizza. 

Both Ian and Alli took turns drizzling it all over the pizza. 

And we're not just having Fresno fruit pizza tonight, we're making everyone's favorites. The kids are loving mushrooms and olives now, along with pepperonis on theirs now. 

Perfectly crispy. 

And also a pizza with everything tasty that I could find.  

My plate tonight. 

What do you think about our Fresno Fruit Pizza tonight Alli? 

Oh yeah! That's tasty!

When you start with delicious fruit how can the result be anything but delicious! Theresa said there's just one more thing it needed. 

More peaches! Luckily I had a bunch leftover that didn't make it onto the pizza. 

And what did I think? 
Amazing. Those caramelized peaches are fantastic on their own. Add in the blueberries, cream cheese, and then the sweetness of the honey and it's a flavor explosion. 
Thank you to Gayle (the Berry Lady), Nori (from Naylor Organics), and John (from Hinkle's Honey) for making the tasty ingredients for our pizza tonight!

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  1. The Fresno Fruit Trail pizza sounds like a great summer, dessert pizza with all those fresh, sweet peaches and blueberries on top of a sweetened cream cheese base, and of course the drizzled honey for the final touch...sounds like another creative pizza winner. Hmmmm...I wonder if you & Theresa added enough extra peach slices on your slices ;-) That was some giant saltine cracker Theresa held in her hands! EOM