Tuesday, September 13, 2022

Popcornopolis Strawberries and Cream popcorn taste test

Who loves popcorn? We love popcorn! And if it's flavored it has the potential to be even better than regular buttered popcorn. 

Popcornopolis makes some of our favorite coated popcorn, like Zebra corn, so when Theresa saw this at Costco she suggested we get it to try for a taste test. 

Creamy meets dreamy! Happiness by the handful. Crispy kettle corn with strawberry flavor and topped with vanilla icing. 

And if we're having Strawberries & Cream popcorn, I don't think there's anything better we can pick to go with it than real fresh strawberries and real cream. Homemade whipped cream is always best. I put a bowl and the mixing whisks in the freezer for 30 minutes before bringing everything together. 

That looks delicious! The popcorn is dusted with a red powder and occasional pieces have a white drizzle on top. 

Let's try it! 

Ian - That's disgusting!
Theresa - Ooh. It's got a tartness to it! Like someone got a sour strawberry. 
Jacob - It's good! It's almost like Pop Rocks strawberry. You almost expect it to start fizzing in your mouth. 
Joe - It's not fresh strawberry. It's candy strawberry. 
Jacob - I just got a lot of cream in that piece! That's good! 
Joe - It makes it a lot sweeter! Also, after the first few pieces of popcorn, the tang is gone. 
Jacob - I would eat that. 

Let's take a look at the ingredients. 
I'm surprised sugar is the first ingredient and not popcorn. I see there's dried strawberry powder which I guess is giving it that strawberry sour flavor. Ah, and citric acid must be giving it the tartness. Ha, and red radish juice for color. 
I'm surprised see there's nonfat milk on there, so I'm questioning why they're allowed to call it "Cream" on the front of the package instead of "Creme". 

Now let's try the real strawberries and cream. 
Ian - The dip tastes good. 
Joe - You know it! 

I mean, the real strawberries and cream are pretty delicious too. 
Theresa - The real strawberries obviously win. 
Jacob - If the popcorn had more cream, I'd like it more. Of course, I'm still eating it so...

The kids really really liked the whipped cream, getting their own spoons to just eat that by itself. 

Jacob - If you dip the popcorn in the whipped cream, it's even better! 

He's right! More creamy flavor on the popcorn make it taste even better! 
Theresa said she didn't need that popcorn anymore, but I set out a bowl and she kept going in for more so...
And then Jacob and I continued to eat it too. I refilled the bowl twice, so people must have liked it. If you like strawberries and popcorn, give this a try! 

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  1. The people who write the product descriptions on those bags know their way around words to paint such delicious pictures! Sounds like the S&C popcorn tasted a lot better by dipping it in real cream. Still, hard to beat fresh sweet strawberries and freshly made cream. Wonder if that strawberry had enough cream on it :-)...but then in the next photo Alli & Ian showed one can't get enough of the fresh cream unless one eats a spoonful of it w/o the strawberry :-) Looks like this S&C popcorn tasted better and better with each try of it! EOM