Friday, September 30, 2022

An Oregon Tillamook Ice Cream Taste Test

I scream, you scream, we all scream for Tillamook Ice Cream! We are in Washington visiting my family here. Earlier we all took a visit to see the Tillamook Creamery where they make all sorts of tasty treats! One of those treats is Ice Cream! 

Tillamook makes over 20 different kinds of ice cream, so in order to limit that a little bit, I thought it might be fun to focus on the ice cream flavors that are Oregon specific. That's why today we have 5 flavors to sample. 
Oregon Strawberry - Sweet strawberry ice cream with ripe Oregon strawberry pieces.
Oregon Hazelnut and Salted Caramel - Smooth hazelnut ice cream with a ripple of rich, salted caramel and bits of Oregon hazelnuts.
Marionberry Pie - Rich vanilla ice cream with pie crust pieces and ripe Oregon marionberries.
Mountain Huckleberry - Creamy vanilla ice cream with a tart huckleberry swirl.
Oregon Dark Cherry - Rich, dark cherry ice cream with ripe pieces of sweet Oregon dark cherry pieces. 

So actually before the trip to the Tillamook Creamery I had an idea that we were going to be doing a Tillamook Ice Cream taste test. I asked my sister-in-law Jess to grab the Oregon based ice creams and she sent me a photo. Jess, I think you went a little overboard. 

That's just a few ice creams... but I love you for getting so many. 

Here's the five that we'll be judging. The rest are just to enjoy eating while we're here. 

Ooh, this is something that I've missed from living in the RV. The RV freezer barely gets below 10F. Jess keeps her ice cream in a big chest freezer. 

That means that this ice cream is hard frozen! 

It can be a little difficult to scoop, but it's so worth it. 

Someone is ready for an ice cream taste test. After a long morning of playing outside on the Slip-n-slide, she's ready for an ice cream treat. 
What do you think your favorite is going to be? 

While I got the pretty scoops for each of the main pictures, Theresa and Megan were there with lots of bowls, scooping them to hand out samples to everyone who was trying them. 
Theresa - Does everyone want to taste each one? 
Alli - Yes! A Daddy sized scoop!
The kids are funny. Whenever we have ice cream for dessert, they will ask if I can scoop it versus Theresa, because they know that I usually give just a little more. 

Oregon Strawberry
Alli - The best one so far!
Joe - It's the first one Alli!
Patrick - It's better than an lot of the fake strawberry ice creams. 
Theresa - I'm not usually a fan of strawberry, but that's actually a really good strawberry. 

That's actually a really tasty strawberry ice cream!

Oregon Hazelnut and Salted Caramel
Jon - Oregon Hazelnuts. That's a thing?
Jess - I love hazelnuts.
Alli - I don't like that one. You can have it. 
Joe - It's not my favorite either. 
Patrick - I like it. It's not overly one or the other. 
Theresa - It's quite nutty. 
Jon - I'm more of a fruit than a nut guy. 

Marionberry Pie 
Jess - It smells really good!
Eli - I don't know that I've had Marionberries. It kind of tastes like methanol.
Joe - Methanol? You mean Menthal? 
Avery - I don't like it. 

Jess - That's cough syrup flavor. 
Megan - The bad cough syrup. 
Patrick - The ones that work. 
Megan - Robitussin flavored ice cream. 
Jon - The strawberry ice cream had a punch. This one is light. It's subtle. 
Theresa - I can understand the Robitussin comment though. 
Alli - Strawberry is still the best so far. 

Mountain Huckleberry
Jon - Now that one is more of a Nyquil flavor. 
Jess - No, that's Vick's Vaporub.
Megan - You guys are ruining my ice cream!  
Avery - It's not yummy. 

Jess - Do you get that mouth feel? Like numbing, like Vick's. 
Patrick - Someone said let's make medicine flavored ice cream. 

Oregon Dark Cherry
Joe - This is the one I'm looking forward to. I love cherry flavored ice cream. 
Megan - That would be really good with some dark chocolate. 
Joe - I like the cherry ice cream. That's good! It's like maraschino cherry flavor. 
Jon - Yeah, it doesn't taste fake.  

Daisy wants in on this taste test too. 

That look of satisfaction on her face. 

Oh Jess. Making sure everyone gets some ice cream today. 

So which one is the best? 
Jon - It's between strawberry and cherry for me. 
Patrick - If I'm rating them, it would be strawberry, cherry, hazelnut, marionberry, huckleberry. 
Joe - My favorite is the cherry ice cream. I feel like I don't get it enough, so it's more special. Though the strawberry is also really good. 
Theresa - I think the only one I would eat again is the strawberry ice cream. But if someone put these in an ice cream cone and handed them to me, I'd probably eat it. 
Alli - I like the strawberry best. 

Thank you Jess for grabbing all these different ice creams! 


  1. Jess definitely only got a "few" Tillamook ice cream flavors :-) What a taste test for the Oregon-unique flavors. Some of the reactions were quite funny...Robitussin flavored ice cream...that's Vick's VapoRub...medicine flavored ice cream..."the best one so far" (after only the 1st flavor :-) ) Sounds like the strawberry and cherry flavors came out the winners among the five. Daisy's expression after an ice cream taste was sooooooooo cute!...caught just the right moment. Looks like a lot of ice cream to enjoy for the future. EOM