Wednesday, September 14, 2022

M&M Munchums and M&M Crunchy Cookie Taste Test Comparison

There's quite a variety of M&M flavors out there to try. We tried 17 different kinds all at one time back in 2017, which was pretty crazy. Now M&M has decided to try something completely different! 

M&M Munchums has decided that instead of a crunchy candy shell, it should have a crunchy baked shell instead. Sounds interesting. Will it be good? Let's find out. 

There's two different flavors of M&M Munchums that I found. A Milk Chocolate flavor and a Salted Caramel flavor. Which one will win? Let's taste them and see!
Because these have a Crisp Center, I thought we should compare it to M&M Crispy. 
Each bag of Munchums holds 4 ounces of candy and costs $3.99. A regular bag of Sharing Size M&Ms is about 8 ounces and costs $3.99. We'll see if the Munchums are 2x better! 
These Munchums pieces are a bit bigger than regular M&Ms. Only 14 pieces is a serving.

Compare that to the Crispy M&Ms where you get 30 pieces. 

I like how the crunchy "shell" has been stamped with the M&M logo, but in different colors. 
Gram - They don't even look like M&Ms. 

A look at the insides of the M&M Munchum reveals the crunchy baked shell, the milk chocolate layer, and then the crunchy center. 

Let's give them a try! Milk Chocolate Munchums first!

The crunchy baked shell is... interesting. 
Ian - Disappointing. 
Joe - Really? 
Ian - Very. 
Sheila - It's like a cookie. 
Megan - But not a good cookie. 
Sheila - No thank you. 

Mickey - They messed up M&Ms. 
Alli - I never knew M&Ms could taste so bad. 
Sheila - I wouldn't even give it a sideways. It's a bad cookie. 

Well that's not a good start. I guess we'll move on to the Salted Caramel Munchums. 

Megan - That is not a good flavor. Ugh. 
Theresa - Salted caramel tasted like it was trying to be a protein bite. Not good. Not good. 
Megan - The Milk Chocolate is disappointing. The Salted Caramel is nasty. 
Sheila - The caramel is the very very worst. 
Theresa - It's an offense to everyone's palate. They belong in the trash can. 

The Crispy M&Ms are much better than both of those. 

Let's try another version of M&Ms to see if those are better. 
M&M Crunchy Cookie came out pretty recently and features an M&M cookie on the package. Are they really that different than M&M Crispy though? Let's taste them and decide.

Megan is showing us that that look pretty identical on the insides. Consulting the ingredient list and nutrition facts, both the Crispy and Crunchy Cookie are identical. Both are made with Crisp Rice as their center. If there's a difference, it might be in the Natural and Artificial flavors. 
Theresa - I think the Crispy ones are a little sweeter than the Crunchy Cookie. Maybe a different flavor chocolate. 
Ah, you're right Theresa. It is a different. You've got a good palate. One is Sugar-Chocolate-Skim Milk-Cocoa Butter, the other is Sugar-Cocoa Butter-Chocolate-Skim Milk. 
The rest of us couldn't tell a difference. 

Sheila - Regular M&Ms are the best. 
Mickey - We've got to get out the good M&Ms after that. 

Sheila - Yes, get the real thing. None of these pretenders. 
Mickey - Now we can eat the real thing and get that nasty taste out of our mouths. 

Megan - Get us the good stuff!

Ian - Let's compare them!
Sheila - There's no comparison. Originals are the best. 
Ian - The other ones are off the chart in the down area.  

I never understood the "melts in your mouth, not in your hand" slogan. The colors always come off on your hand. 

The next day, Patrick and Avery arrived to try them. 
Patrick - Salted Caramel tastes burnt. Good attempt, but no thank you. 
Joe - Yeah, I get like a burnt maple kind of flavor to it. But not in a good way. 

Ha! After everyone hated on them, Avery gives them a thumbs up. 
Well I wouldn't not recommend trying them, but if you're just curious to see what M&M has done to their once tasty candies, go out and pick up a bag of Munchums! 

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  1. Avery is the lone "thumbs up" on the munchums! At least everyone gave it a good try :-) Mickey seemed to have the best idea to conclude the test, "We've got to get out the good M&M's after that!" While displayed on the tray those munchums looked like unsanded, little wooden balls to me. EOM