Friday, April 28, 2023

A Halloween trip to Disneyland - Pt 2 - 2022/10/10

Continuing where we left off with our Halloween trip out to California and Disneyland. 

I love the entrance decorations here during Halloween! Giant pumpkin displays of the characters!

Disneyland is a little crowded and our Genie+ reservations haven't kicked in yet. Know what it's time for? 

When it's busy, you can't beat the Enchanted Tiki Room! 
I like the pre-show here at Disneyland better than the Walt Disney World version. 

The kids like it because you get to eat and drink! Wait. Is that a Dole Whip float? 
Yes, yes it is. However the treat stand right outside the Tiki Room has gone to mobile orders only. I asked the cast member working there about ordering, and learned the only in-person ordering was around the corner at the Tropical Hideaway. Here at the Tiki Room, the only pickup times were for 45 minutes in the future. So while we waited for the show to begin, I constantly refreshed the app, over and over and over again until finally it showed an immediate pickup time. Ridiculous, but successful. 

They removed one of my favorite parts of the show out in Florida, where everyone sings together. Here though we all get to "Sing like the birdies sing". 

And since they were little, they've been drumming on their legs along with the tiki drummers. 

Gotta remember to stop for a picture in front of the castle on this coast. 

Alli wasn't interested, but Ian has wanted to ride Indiana Jones for months. 

Entering the projection room, we encountered 3 large stone tablets. Ian asked what they said. I didn't know, but I've got a friend who definitely does. Matt has deep knowledge of Indiana Jones. I shot his a text. 

And got a quick reply back, pointing to a 2017 Trip Report he did, where he had a picture of those same tablets and provided the translations from Mara script. Thanks Matt!

Luckily we survived our encounter with Mara in Indiana Jones and the Temple of Broken Effects. (This was from 2022 and luckily I've heard many are repaired now)

What's next? A ride with me and the kids? 

All squeezing together in one row? That's gotta be Big Thunder Mountain! 

Doing my best to record a video while we ride!

That's a big piece of Petrified Stone, reminding us of our visit to the Petrified Forest National Park earlier this year. 

One thing we just HAVE to go on here is the Haunted Mansion. Not so much for the original, but because it's been decorated up for the Nightmare Before Christmas! Our favorite version! And we're not the only ones loving it. The Lightning Lane queue starts by the Splash Mountain line. 

Whew! 120 minute standby line! Times like this are why Genie+ are needed. 

Ready to see how Jack has wrecked the halls. 

I'm always on the lookout to find my present in the attic. Both Ian and I usually have our names on one. 

Our favorite boogie man. 

Theresa and Alli even got a visit from Lock, Shock, and Barrel. 

Who is hungry? We didn't really stop for lunch yet, just snacking our way through the day. The four of us split some tacos and chicken. 

Yum for the street tacos. 

And yum for the drumsticks. 

Time to add another mountain to our list for the day. Space Mountain is calling. The Lightning Lane queue here is also backed up. 

While we waited, the kids had fun with the Disney lenses you can play around with. 
Ian - Dada, can we get popcorn? 
Hmm. I wonder how many extra snack sales these Disney lenses lead to. 

Cool glasses Alli. 

Mmm. A Mickey bar. 

They got the messy face part right. 

But my favorite of all the lenses were these full body Buzz Lightyear outfits. 

How cool is that? 

Time to take a mission into deep space. 

Side-by-side on this coast! Hands up! 

Oh yeah!

Hey kids, where are you taking me? 

Why are we over here? Where's mom? 

You want to go on what? 

Splash Mountain? Seriously? And of course they always ask for the front row. 

We're sad to see it go, but happy we get to ride it again. 

Ian got drenched!

And Alli came away pretty wet too. 

Ian, did you leave any water in the ride, or did you take it all with you? 

Since we're in the area... Why not stop by Pooh Corner and see what treats they have today. 

Mmm, can't resist. 

We'll enjoy our treats and head over to DCA to continue our night, as this moves along and into Part 3. 

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  1. Gotta warm up the insides with some treats after getting all wet :-) ...Pooh Corner is too hard to resist! Yay! last ride on Disneyland's Splash Mtn before it's shut down for the conversion this year. So fun to see Disneyland all dressed up during Halloween Time...all those unique pumpkins scattered high above and at ground level, along with all the orange/yellow decor. Matt did a great job of translating the 3 tablets...he's quite the Disney fan, as his many trip reports have shown. You did an amazing job recording throughout the BTMRR coaster ride, keeping all three of you steadily in view! Sneaky advertising for snack food with those special lenses...have to monetize wherever one can! That was a perfect "messy ice cream" pic of Alli...the Buzz Lightyear photos turned out really well for Alli & Ian, as their faces fit perfectly in the head portion. Your description of "ridiculous" for the mobile-ordering vs standby line scenario is why that system needs a revamp immediately! So fun to be back at Disneyland!! EOM