Wednesday, April 5, 2023

Make your own Icedream Sundae and Meeting the Easter Cow at Chick-fil-A

Who doesn’t love the Chick-fil-A cow? We love the cow’s outfits including the Santa Cow!

So when our local Chick-fil-A announced that the Easter Cow was coming to visit, and there would be an Icedream sundae bar, we were thrilled at the chance to visit!

And they got to make their own sundaes!

With all the toppings they wanted!

And I really do mean “make their own”! Ms. Alex brought them behind the counter and they got to use the Icedream machine themselves!

Pull the handle and get Icedream! With a little bit of help from Ms. Alex. 

So proud of themselves. The CFA Team Members clapped for them. 

Ms. Alex and Ms. Guen helped with all the toppings. 

Guen - You can have all the whipped cream you want. 
Oh boy... 

The Easter Cow watching over the preparations. 

When I read the announcement on Facebook for the event, I knew the kids would be thrilled. I was hoping they would have cherries, and as soon as Alex saw us, she said they made sure to have lots of cherries for us. 

Good thing! I think Ian took 8 to have on his Icedream. And another 5 cherries to have along with his CFA dinner. 

Hi Easter Cow!

To get into the spirit, the kids made decorations. Ian made a cow hatching from an egg. 
Ian - It's a full-size cow in the egg. You just can't see it. 

Alli made an easter egg hat for herself. 

Very nice Alli. Love the decorations. 

And they had Easter Cow coloring pages too. 

And for helping out by using the Icedream machine, they both got stickers name badges for "Future Team Members". 

The Easter Cow is impressed. 

Thank you Chick-fil-A Four Corners! We have loved all the events you've held over the last few months. Leprechaun traps, Bingo, being part of a peppermint milkshake taste test, and more. 

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  1. Such a fun Easter event at CFA Four Corners! Alli & Ian even got to operate the Icedream machine for their special sundaes..."all" the whipped cream you want is inviting a big mountain creation :-)...Ian loves his "cherry" sundaes!! Good to see Ian & Alli getting into the decorative spirit for the occasion...always an opportunity for them to share their creative minds. Some personal interactions and photos with the Easter fun for the kids. EOM