Saturday, April 8, 2023

Taste Testing Peeps Gummies

Easter is coming so there's lots of new Easter themed candies around! My favorite Easter treat are Cadbury Mini Eggs, but that's followed closely by Peeps. Peeps have decided to expand their lineup this year with a few new treats. Now instead of just marshmallows, they're trying Peeps Gummies too! 

Alli - I loved the Peeps cereal. Ah yes, I remember that one too

How will they stack up? Read along and find out! 
Being Peeps related, of course they're Marshmallow Flavored. 

These gummies are produced under license by Flix Candy, and are made in Brazil. I found them at a Dollar Tree for $1.25 for this 3 ounce package. 

I was happy to see that all three classic colors are represented, as well as both the bunny and chick shapes.

You kindof see the impression of the eyes and nose on the bunnies and the eyes for the chicks. I think they did a good job representing each shape. 
Alli - Awwww. (she thinks they're cute)

The colors are a little off. It's not quite the bright neon colors of the Peeps. 

But there's definitely the Peeps sugared coating around all these gummies. 
Theresa - It's a staple of the Peeps brand. 

Jacob - They sound... heavy. 
Joe - So, marshmallow flavored? 
Jacob - What exactly is marshmallow flavored? Vanilla? 

Theresa - Hmm. 
Jacob - Yeah, I don't need any more of those. 

Theresa - I'm just going to spit it out now. 
Ian - Those are good but...
Jacob - You really had to work for the flavor. It wasn't even sweet. 
Theresa - No likey. 

Ian - Yummy!
Jacob - Are they different flavors? Has anyone detected? I had a yellow, it was not very good. 
Alli - I had a yellow and it was bad. 
Theresa - I had a pink; it was also not very good. 
Ian - I had a blue. It was pretty good. 

Joe - Blue was good? Cut us off a piece then. 
Jacob - Nah. There's no redeeming qualities there. With that much sugar on the outside, how is it not sweet? It's sugar. It should be very sweet. 
Theresa - Kids, guess what you're getting in your Easter basket? 

Well, so far we haven't loved the different Peeps offerings that much. Peeps Pepsi wasn't anything special. Peeps Cotton Candy was meh. And now these Peeps Gummies were a bust for just about everyone. Let's hope the last Peeps taste test tomorrow goes better. 

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  1. Yikes!...striking out again on the new Peeps-based treats! Jacob summed it best with, "I don't need any more of those!" The "only" redeeming qualities of the Peeps Gummies were their cuteness and the pretty, rich color inside :-) Nevertheless, have a blessed Easter everyone!! EOM