Monday, April 10, 2023

Tasting Peeps Lollipop Rings

For our final Peeps inspired treat, I found Peeps Lollipop Rings! 

These ring based lollipops remind me a lot of Ringpops and would work great in an Easter basket. 

I found this 4 pack of Peeps Lollipop Rings at Target for $2.50. I always have concerns when I buy something for a taste test that has multiple colors/flavors whether I'm going to get enough in a single bag. In this case, I have 4 chances to get all 3 colors. 

If I would have looked a little closer at the back of the bag, I would have known that they had me covered. Each bag contains 2 Yellow, 1 Pink, and 1 Blue. Thank you! 
These pops are made under license by Flix Candy and manufactured in Mexico. 

Each pop comes in an individual package. Still can't tell which color is inside. 

The back of the package says it could be any of the three colors. 
Contains Tartrazine? What's that? Ah, Yellow #5. 

Opening them up and hoping to get all different colors (before I read the packaging). 

Happily successful! They are a little bit smaller than I was expecting. They are 10 grams each. Checking on the size of a standard Ring Pop, hmm, also 10 grams. Must be the shape of the jewel in the Ring Pop that makes it look so much bigger. For comparison, a Dum Dum sucker is 7 grams, so this is a little bit bigger than that. 

I'll give them a thumbs up for matching colors on 2 of the 3 characters. That pink is way off.
And I love that each ring matches the color of the lollipop that is on it. 
Theresa - Oh, they're cute! 

I do like the shape that they were able to create for each of the chicks, though the front of the package shows "eyes" in the mold while the actual sucker does not. 

And for the taste? 
Alli - Not too bad. 
Ian - Good flavor. 
Joe - It tastes frosting-y. 
Jacob - But not in a good way. 
Alli - I think this is the best tasting artificial thing

Theresa - Then I don't need to try it. 
Ian - I like this best. 
Joe - It does taste like frosting. I don't know about marshmallow. But it is frosting. 
Jacob - It's too fake. And I eat lots of fake things. 

Whew! That's a lot of different Peeps treats to try! 
Now let's pull out all the different Peeps things we've tried and taste them all!
Jacob - Regular Peeps are way better than anything we tried. 
Joe - It just doesn't work as well with artificial marshmallow flavor. You need real marshmallow. 

Jacob giving that Peeps flavored Pepsi a try. 

Jacob - It's almost like burnt marshmallow. I was expecting more cream soda adjacent, but it's not that. 

Gotta love the Peeps bunnies. I haven't had bunnies in a long time. I've always had the chicks. 

Alli is experimenting putting Peeps cotton candy into her Peeps Pepsi. 

Ian's pink Peeps bunny going for a swim in the Peeps Pepsi.  

After we finished our taste test, we sat around chatting, but I just kept smiling when I looked over at Jacob, seeing him with his bunny ears. 

Peeps asked us to "Pick up all the Chicks!" I think we did a pretty good job this year finding new things! It's unfortunate nothing was that good, but we tried. I liked our Peeps Face-Off a lot better

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  1. Yes, lots of different Peeps treats were tried this year...but the winner is still the original Peeps marshmallows treat!!! Little did Jacob know he was sporting "bunny ears" all this time :-) My favorite descriptions: "Best tasting artificial thing!" and "It's too fake. And I eat lots of fake things."...some of the descriptions throughout the numerous taste tests are such classics :-) EOM