Wednesday, April 15, 2020

A Peeps Face-off taste test comparison! Which Peeps flavor will rise to the top!

All of our Peeps Tastes test to this point are finally leading to this. It's a Peeps showdown. Of the nine flavors that we've tried, which one will reign supreme?

There's nine flavors, so I've got a bracket and we're going to do this properly.
Those flavors are:

I got to teach Ian all about how to make a bracket. With 9 things to taste, something was going to have an extra turn. Knowing we liked Party Cake least, I chose that one. Everything else was chosen by random. We lined everything else up, Ian asked Siri for a random number and we filled up the bracket that way.
I also told him I needed a large sheet of paper to draw up a bracket. He said he can find one and ran into the kitchen, coming back with a large sheet of parchment paper. Perfect Ian! Exactly what I needed.

Nine flavors, ready to go.

Alright kids! Time for the face-off!

Ian - Face-off? We're going to cut the faces off the Peeps? I want the face!

Well we're not eating a whole Peep each time, so we've got to divide them up somehow.

Party Cake versus Hot Tamales went as expected. Everyone chose Hot Tamales, though Alli did say that she liked the Party Cake Peeps better than last time.
After that, our next challengers are Cotton Candy and Hot Tamales.

In a surprise move, Cotton Candy was the favorite of all three of us.

Time to taste the Sour Watermelon and Root Beer Float.

The winner was Sour Watermelon. Even though Ian said Root Beer was calling his name, he decided that he liked the Sour Watermelon best.
The kids are keeping track of their favorites on their own sheets too.

Moving to the other side of the board, it wasn't quite a fair comparison between one of their favorites Fruit Punch and the Original Peeps. Fruit Punch was a clear favorite.

Time to taste another of our favorites. Blue Raspberry versus Pancakes & Syrup. The maple in the Pancakes & Syrup is tasty, but still all three of us chose Blue Raspberry.

Up to this point, everyone has agreed on all the choices. We're into the semi-finals.

Cotton Candy versus Sour Watermelon. Both tasty flavors and it's here that the group finally had differing opinions. Alli and I chose Sour Watermelon. Ian chose Cotton Candy.

And who is the other finalist? Fruit Punch versus Blue Raspberry. Both very good flavors. Everyone thinks that Blue Raspberry takes it.

We've got our finalists!

Alli and I want to see Sour Watermelon and Blue Raspberry go head to head in the finals.

Ian played along for fun.

Out of 9 different flavors, Alli's top pick is Sour Watermelon.

While I thought Blue Raspberry is the best.

Now it's time to figure out Ian's favorite. Cotton Candy versus Blue Raspberry.

Who will reign supreme?

Ian's winner is Cotton Candy! Here's his bracket.

And mine.

And Alli's.

It was a lot of fun going through all these taste tests and comparing them with their real counterparts.
I asked the kids if they had a favorite taste test that we did. Alli loved the Blue Raspberry Icees we had alongside the Blue Raspberry Peeps. It shouldn't be a surprise that Ian loved the Cotton Candy we made ourselves. I think of all the things we did, the Cotton Candy was my favorite too.

Now what to do with all these Peeps? Into a plastic bag because I've heard stale Peeps can be pretty tasty too. I wonder if there's any other things you can do with Peeps. Any suggestions?


  1. Fun idea to make the bracket, since #MarchSadness didn't happen for so many millions of people!
    I've seen a few ideas for Peep s'mores! That would be a crazy hodgepodge of flavors though.

    1. Peep s'mores would be wild. Those flavors would probably overpower the chocolate and graham cracker, but maybe that would be okay. I bet a maple flavored s'more would probably be pretty delicious. Maybe not sour watermelon.

  2. I'm not sure I've ever commented before, but I enjoy reading your blog! I did a quick search on what to do with Peeps and found the following link:

    1. Thanks for reading and thanks for commenting!
      I checked out the link. Thanks for the ideas. There's a few in there we might try out.

  3. That was a fun way to introduce the bracket concept...letting both Alli & Ian to do their own enforces the idea and gives them practice writing, too! Egads...beheading the venerable peeps :-) Freshly-made cotton candy...yum, yum! I wonder if any aftertaste flavors between tasting the peeps affected how each subsequent peep flavor was affected? Never heard of tasty stale peeps...that's a new way to eat peeps! Here's an idea: how about making a "peeps s'mores", substituting the regular marshmallow with a peep?...could be an interesting new taste test :-) EOM

    1. Yeah, taking the head off that Peep was a little unsettling. We had to divide them up somehow though. I wasn't going to have them eating entire Peeps for each bracket.
      Regarding the stale Peeps, I have heard something similar from another friend. I think it was to put them in the freezer. Something to take that soft outer shell of sugar and turn it into a hard crunchy shell. Stay tuned for more things we end up doing with them.