Sunday, April 12, 2020

Happy Easter!

Happy Easter! We can't leave the house, but with a little photoshop, the kids still got to meet the Easter Bunny! It's like we're right back in Disneyland (Hong Kong).

For lunch we enjoyed a tasty Easter meal of steak, fried potatoes, broccoli, mushroom & onions, and a fresh loaf of bread.

Lunch was delicious! There's even green things on my plate.

We've got to have a family photo on Easter.

Like I said earlier, the kids have been excited that Easter was coming for a while. They even made their own egg hunt for Theresa and I, from the painted rocks they've acquired.

With prizes even! We can trade the eggs we found for a whole bunch of great things. Very creative kids. I love it!

Thanks for the hunt and the prizes!

Cooling off with a fan.

The long video.

Happy Easter!


  1. Love that photo of the kids "at" HK Disneyland for Easter...really nice!! And, nice family photo, too...beautiful smiles! What a fun game of finding painted "egg" rocks and then exchanging them for prizes...hadn't heard "pretty cold", "getting colder", and "really hot" for a long time...forgot all about those "hints" :-)...good game idea by the kids. Looks like Daddy and Mommy had a lot of fun hunting! Btw, like that Princess chair of Alli's (couldn't make out Ian's chair). EOM

    1. It's nice to be able to do a few things in Photoshop. For a second, I had the kids convinced that they did go get their picture taken there on one of our trips. But I explained how I took parts of lots of pictures and put them all together.
      I love that the kids try to do special things for us, just like we do special things for them.