Thursday, April 16, 2020

National Cheese Fondue Day - April 11th

National Cheese Fondue Day? Yes, I do think that's something we could celebrate. Normally we'd only do fondue for something like Valentines day, but with this stay at home order, we're looking for any way to make the days special.

Yum! The kids do very much enjoy dipping their bread into melted cheese.

It's a lot easier for them, and less risk of getting something too hot, if we put some in a bowl.

And even though it's cheese fondue day, can you really do cheese fondue without chocolate fondue? I think not.

Fondue is always better with company too. Yes we're having it with the grandparents, but we're also going to chat via Zoom with the family in Michigan. They're all gathered around their table and eating fondue too!

Just put the computer on one end of the table and it's almost like you're there in person, just talking across a long table. Looking at the time, wow, I can't believe we talked for 1:45!

Chocolate fondue is very tasty. And we have it with bananas, strawberries, pineapples, and marshmallows.

And it looks like Theresa is coming up with something new. Pretzels with a dollop of peanut butter, and then chocolate on top of that? Yum!

That was a good day to celebrate!


  1. Chocolate fondue...sounds so good with those fruits...also sounds really good with peanut butter and a pretzel! P.S. That's a lot of different cute Duffy Bears in that cabinet...there must be a story (or occasion) behind each one, just like the hats :-) EOM

    1. I think both were pretty delicious. I do need to figure out a few more things to dip in the cheese fondue though. Bread is great, but surely there's other things we could be doing.
      Ah, the Duffy Bears. Theresa loves holidays, and has come to love Duffy bears too. One year, I made it a point to find a Duffy bear for her for every holiday I could find. I'll have to get them out and take photos of them some time.