Friday, April 10, 2020

Pancakes & Syrup Peeps

It's breakfast time! The perfect time to try these Pancake and Syrup Peeps.

Using my excellent cooking skills, I made up a short stack of pancakes to try alongside these Peeps.

The Peeps are a brown color. Wonder if that's supposed to represent the pancakes or the syrup.

Alright Peeps, you've been messing with us on what color is inside. I thought perhaps a yellow this time. Ian and Theresa guessed white. Alli, knowing the last few have been a surprise, chose pink!
A look inside reveals just a regular brown.

According to the back of the package, Peeps and Pancakes is "the ultimate breakfast combo".

I've seen pancake art before. I don't have the right tools (squeeze bottles) easily available, but why not try to learn new things anyway. I dyed some batter yellow and poured it into the pan. I did learn some lessons for the next time I want to attempt this. First, the batter needs to be super smooth and a little bit runnier. Second, the pan needs to be a lot cooler, so as not to discolor the batter. Next time.
A chocolate chip for the eye and we're set.

Let's eat! Peeps first.

After the disaster that was Party Cake Peeps, I was hoping there wouldn't be too much of that flavor. And luckily, the only flavor I could taste was a light maple. A very light flavor again. Theresa actually mentioned that this might be why the kids are enjoying these so much. If it was a strong flavor there's higher chance they wouldn't like them.
Both kids gave them a thumbs up.

And the pancakes? Yes, of course they love pancakes. What's not to love about pancakes/syrup/butter (carbs/sugar/fat)?

Just a few more flavors to try before the ultimate Peeps showdown.


  1. :-) Not too bad of a pancake peeps...even has a chocolate chip eye...thumbs up! Looks like Ian couldn't wait to dig into the yummy pancake before you captured his thumbs up on his peeps verdict! Alli definitely let her "like" verdict show :-) EOM

    1. I've still got some learning to do on the pancake designs, but practice makes perfect. Gotta see if I can't find any squeeze bottles to use in the future.
      Fresh hot bread is always a winner.