Friday, April 24, 2020

Tiramisu Oreos

Oreo has something new this Spring. Today we're going to try Tiramisu flavored Oreos.

Tiramisu is a mix of coffee, chocolate, cream, and a splash of rum. Can Oreo capture the deliciousness that is Tiramisu?

And like usual I've got a helper when I try to take product photos like this.

Inside the Oreo cookies are two layers of creme. One white, one brown.

What do the kids think of the cookies? Two thumbs up. They like the chocolate and the coffee flavor.

When you combine the creme from two cookies you get a nice layered effect. As far as I could tell, the chocolate cookie was just the regular chocolate cookie. The white creme was regular white creme. The brown creme was the only thing that was different, having the taste of coffee and something else. I thought they were tasty. Theresa didn't find them appealing. Maybe she'll like the regular tiramisu better.

And I know someone else who loves tiramisu. Gram! We made sure to FaceTime her during the taste test. Wish you could be here Gram!

Want to try a bite of Tiramisu? Open up!

The real tiramisu was even better than the Oreos! Creamy, with a delicious coffee and chocolate taste. On top were two coffee beans. I gave one to each of the kids, telling them to take a taste. Turns out those coffee beans were made of chocolate! Yum!

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  1. YUM, YUM, YUM...real tiramisu to taste against the oreos (where did you get that delicious tiramisu?)...nice surprise to have the "coffee beans" made of chocolate (too bad there wasn't a hint of coffee in that chocolate bean...would have made it even better!). Sounds like the tiramisu oreos captured the coffee taste, too, without being overpowering. Even though the oreos sound good, nothing beats the real thing!!! This was DEFINITELY a yummy, delicious taste test :-) EOM