Sunday, April 12, 2020

Dying and Hunting for Easter Eggs

It's Easter! One of the fun things we do is dye Easter Eggs.

Alli is excited to find some eggs. Here's a picture she drew of the Easter Bunny. She told me that he has a really fuzzy belly.

Since we're staying at the house, we're having groceries delivered. Eggs just happen to be whatever colors are available, so instead of having all white eggs this year, we've got a mix of white and brown.

Coloring on the eggs with a crayon so the dye won't reach that part.

These egg scissors work great for lowering them into the dye baths and not getting our hands stained.

Ian, that's a great looking blue egg.

I rigged up something to make a two-toned egg.

The paper towels are art themselves.

Ian's in the back, Alli's in the middle, me and Theresa in the front. Those brown eggs actually turned out okay. The colors are a little darker, but it's a deep, rich color.

Ian was particularly proud of this golden egg. Gold is his favorite color. Ian made that other one for his sister. He was going for a two toned pink and purple, but it went a little more than halfway each time. As a result, it was 3 rings of color.
Alli loved how bright and pink hers turned out.

Time for Easter Baskets! These don't look like they were just thrown together with whatever we might have had lying around the house, do they? At least we were able to find the chocolate bunnies they requested. A Dove Chocolate bunny for Ian, and a Reese's Chocolate bunny for Alli. Those bowls are from Hong Kong Disneyland. And look at that! Some Oreos that we can try!

They excitedly went through their entire baskets before rushing off to find eggs.

Really excited for the fruit snacks this year.

Ready to find some eggs?

The bunny has been here. Go!

They were off like a flash, rushing to grab all the obvious ones first.

It's a lot of fun to hunt eggs.

Wow, look at that bounty.

Now the other good part is coming inside and seeing what you found.

Oh yeah! Lots of candy, some coins, and even some dollar bills!

That's quite the haul.

Time to eat those bunnies. Show them to me before you dig in.

Classic, starting with the ears.

And the kids let the parents taste them too. That Reese's bunny is pretty tasty.
I asked Ian if I could have a bite of his ears. He said yes, so I went in to bite HIS (not the bunny's) ears. He giggled and squirmed away. Alright, alright. Can I have a bite of the neck? Again I got the okay, and went in for Ian's neck. By the third time he'd caught on to my trick and made it clear that I could only eat the bunny's ears and neck.

I think Mommy likes the Reese's bunny too.

Every does. It's pretty tasty.

The kids have had a lot of fun this weekend! Happy Easter!


  1. Like those rabbit egg cute and practical! The blue paper towel art reminded me of those tie-dyed patterns :-) That really was a bright, deep pink egg by Alli...very nice; and Ian got his favorite golden one, too. Oh my...quite a bounty of Easter eggs and goodies (like those adorable bowls)...the Reese's bunny sounded really yummy :-) "Joker Daddy" making Ian laugh...and getting him to be more specific on what Daddy can taste!! EOM

    1. Reading back on some of our old adventures, we've had those scissors and hats for years now. I was happy that they both got an egg that matched their favorite color.
      They've been sharing their bunnies with me this week too. It's been tasty!