Monday, April 13, 2020

Easter Egg Oreos

It was just about a year ago that we were trying Limited Edition Easter Egg Oreos, but this year there's one major difference. Last year was chocolate cookies with purple filling. This year it's golden Oreos dyed pink with white filling. The kids got these as part of their Easter baskets, so let's try them!

Ian was wondering what they tasted like. Well buddy, when we taste Maple Creme Oreos they taste like Maple Cream. When we taste Mint Chocolate Chip Oreos they taste like Mint Chocolate Chip. And when we tasted Cherry Cola Oreos, they tasted like Cherry Cola. So logically, these should taste like...
Alli - Easter Eggs!
Yum. Taste the eggy goodness.

The front of the package promises 5 Egg Shaped Designs. So does the back.
Let's count. Hmm, are we really counting the regular Oreo as a "fun design"?
These are the same design as last year, but in pink. And last year they said 4 designs...

Take a look kids. What's your favorite design?

Ian thinks the Chick with bunny ears is funny, while Alli likes the bunny hiding in the basket.

Let's eat! Alli inspecting the creme filling.

I thought they were good. Like regular golden Oreos. Theresa and Richard thought that something was a little off about them. Like maybe the pink dye had altered the flavor or something.

The kids. Interesting. Ian thought they were just fine. Alli didn't know what to think about them. Not good or bad. Well, one more Oreo taste test in the books.


  1. Actually glad the Oreos didn't have an "eggy" taste :-) Maybe they can do different colors next year, one color per design...that would be colorful! Before looking at the kids' favorite design, I picked the bunny hiding in the basket...just like Alli :-)...I liked the mix of the rabbit and the egg in one picture. I agree with Ian's pick of the chick w/ bunny eggs as being a funny one (my next design choice)...kind of cute looking baby chick. EOM

    1. An Egg-flavored Oreo would be pretty unique!
      That's a great idea for next year. Oreo should make the inside of their packages as colorful as an Easter Basket!