Friday, April 14, 2023

Back to Colorado - 2022/09/20

Leaving Michigan, we're back in Colorado. Early in the morning, Theresa's Aunt was there at the house with plenty of food and snacks for us. 

Patrick and Megan saw the kids' birthday wish list, and they also wanted to take them to an arcade that wasn't Chuck E Cheese. Over to The Summit!

Trying to win a giant ball from the crane game. 


Megan says "a high score of only 109?" 

Then crushes it with 115. 

And again with 122! 

Beanbag toss? I can take first place! 

And again on the other side! 

And might as well get first place over at Down the Clown too! That's a lot of tickets!

For fabulous prizes! 

Let's all go out to dinner! 

Texas Roadhouse is delicious, but Theresa wondered if we could just order the rolls! 
The kids even got their own booth right across from ours, and the server told us they were so polite. 

Yum! With extra rolls to bring home! 

We're seeing so many people around this time, so we're doing lots of birthday celebrations together. The kids wanted a variety of Nothing Bundt Cakes for this get together. 

Yum! What a variety! 

Time for presents! This one has been a long time in the making. 
Ian and Alli love playing Minecraft more than any other game. They get to be creative and play it with friends from far away. 

Knowing that, Gram (and Pop Pop) has been working super hard in secret to make the ultimate Minecraft quilt! 

And not just one! Two of them! For the last few months, we've subtly asked the kids about their favorite Minecraft characters to secretly include on the quilt. There were patterns for a few of the characters, but for many Gram had to get creative and make them herself! 

And she had a little helper, Avery, along the way that pulled out fabrics, helped lay things out and pin them, and somehow kept everything a surprise for months and months until the big day! 
Ian's has a diamond sword, while Alli's has a Netherite sword. The background for the pickaxe is different, and they have different potions. There's also some different characters, and character differences. 

On the back, if you fold down the top, you find a giant Ender Dragon! 

Wow, that's really amazing! 

Each has their own hallmark. 
"The only limit is your imagination" for Ian. love Gram & PopPop. "Don't mine at night."

"The most important thing you can craft is you." for Alli. love Gram & PopPop. "Don't mine at night."

Playing on their new quilts. Ian getting all wrapped up. 

A closer look at all the pixelated details. That was a lot of work! 

A few more gifts from Megan and Patrick, including a stuffed pig (Alli adores them). 

And lollipops. 

Thank you! 

Playing together at a nearby school playground. I'm a little tall for these now. 

You've played Uno, but have you played trampoline Uno? It's like normal Uno, except during the shuffle you bounce around. And during the game, someone might get up and jump and you have to keep your legs crossed. 

Gram has a fun project for the kids. Sand art! 

Lots of colored sand and a clear plastic bottle. 

And you can make cool layers and other effects with the poking stick. 

While we're here, I think I should make some bread. This molasses bread is a favorite of many. 

Sitting by the warm oven to rise. 

Mmm, look at that melted butter, ready to brush onto the hot bread. 

Topped with oats, it's a delicious treat. 

Cooling after coming out of the oven. But not for too long. Hot bread from the oven is a delicious treat. 

Time to travel again? This time we're back to the airport to fly out to California! That's where we'll pick things up next! 


  1. OH MY GOSH!!!...What BEAUTIFUL, CREATIVE Minecraft quilts by Gram & Pop Pop w/ Avery assisting...AMAZING!!...look at the rich details...even the back of the quilts are amazing, along with the special, personal notes for Ian & Alli...LOVE those handmade quilts made with LOTS of love!!! Nice to see the kids getting their "kids-only" booth but behaving like polite adults...kudos to all the parents (and extended family) for raising them in such a way! Arcade games just never get old :-)...some fun prizes for the kids after their fun time playing. That colored sand art project was such a colorful craft idea. Mmmmmmmmmmmmm...homemade molasses bread....yummyyyyyyyyy! EOM

  2. Me (Ian) and my sister (Alli) are really enjoying the quilts and I can’t believe they kept that secret from us for that long and we really enjoyed the arcade (thank you uncle Patric and aunt Megan) @ presents (thank you everyone else) and had a really good day! EOM