Sunday, April 30, 2023

A trip out to California for friends and food! Part 2 - 2022/10/11

Wrapping up our time here in California (from October 2022). 

We loved that we were able to visit friends from Ian's school.

Plus other siblings and friends. 

This trip was about visiting friends and eating tasty food. We couldn't leave without going to our favorite Korean restaurant. And the owner was working tonight and still recognizes us. We've been coming here and the sister restaurant for... 18+ years maybe. 

All the tasty banchan. 

Alli getting a lesson in chopsticks. 

Getting there!

Mmm. All the tasty fried wontons. 

One of my favorites. 

Theresa loves their hot Korean soup. The waitress dropped off this bean sprout soup at our table. Theresa started eating it before realizing it wasn't what she'd ordered.  

I love their spicy pork. 

It's like bacon (not crispy) with a delicious flavor! 

Here's Theresa's favorite soup. A kimchi chigae that is spicy and flavorful. 

Add on a dumpling ramen for the kids and eh, I think we have a little too much food. 

Phew! We could certainly go for a walk. Manhattan Beach and the strand beside it will be perfect. 

Walking down to the place Theresa and I rented our first year in California. A place with a view looking right out towards the water. 

Except when this big bush was blocking our picture window view of the ocean. I got out my hedge trimmers and started going after it, unaware that this was a Milk Bush and the white sap coming out of it was toxic. My hands and arms were covered with burns and irritation for a while. 

From our first place, to our last place in California, we stopped by the townhouse we had rented and saw that our back neighbor Sam was still putting Halloween decorations in the yard. 

And it was great to meet up with Sam for dinner, where he treated us to Chicken Dijon and their tasty gyros. 

Then we finished with a self serve frozen yogurt stop right next door. We'd walk to these often. 

Saturday morning and we're on the beach. What are we doing here? 

Volleyball of course! 

While the kids entertain themselves in the sand, we had a great time playing 2 on 2 beach volleyball with Alysa and John. 

And we still had enough time to hit the Saturday Farmers Market. 

Now remember Theresa, we're leaving in just a couple days. 

I think that actually motivated her to get more fruit instead of less. 

Can't forget about the 85C bakery nearby. 

Wearing their new pajama onesies to breakfast. 

Alli loves the all-you-can-eat variety. 

We got to play at the park with Lola one more time before leaving. 

And were able to squeeze in one more visit to our favorite Pakistani restaurant Al Noor. I still haven't been able to reproduce their Chicken Tikka Masala to my satisfaction. They make it so good. 

Leaving tomorrow, better clear out the freezer. Yes, you can have ice cream. 

Just one more breakfast before heading to the airport. 

Bagels with cream cheese AND Nutella or cream cheese AND strawberry jelly are especially delicious. 

See you in Colorado!

An uneventful flight back to Denver. 

Hello again Colorado family! It was a fun visit to California! 

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  1. Definitely lots of time with friends and lots of good food. After being away from that Korean restaurant's food for so long, the eyes feasted bigger than the stomach :-) ...that was quite a Korean feast...very tasty looking...that spicy soup looked reeeeeally spicy (btw, did Theresa like the unexpected bean sprout soup at all?). Pretty neat that Ian & Alli can still meet up with Lola & Brylie despite their new RV life. Yikes!...what a story about the milk bush!...painful and uncomfortable! Couldn't help chuckling when I read the narrative after you said to Theresa, "...leaving in a couple of days", which was "think it motivated her to get more fruit, instead of less!" :-) :-) What a memorable trip back to California! EOM