Thursday, April 6, 2023

Skyzone in Michigan - 2022/09/26

One of the items on Ian's birthday list was a visit to Skyzone. His cousins were more than happy to take the kids. And do I want to come too? Of course I do! 

Cause we get to wear these fancy socks. 

I was busy participating, but Donald got a few photos and a whole lot of videos (which I'll include at the end). 
Running up the different sized curved walls, just like in American Ninja Warrior. 

Dodgeball games. 

Plus trapeze, foam pit, balance beam, zip line, swing, basketball dunk competition and more! We had lots of fun, but boy was it tiring! 

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  1. hour and a half of all that jumping, swinging, flipping, and climbing!!!...can see how exhausted everyone would get!...but it was LOTS of FUN!!...great birthday activity idea by Ian. Trampoline heaven for Alli & Ian (back to those trampoline days but on a humongous scale at Sky Zone!) Ian kept persevering and finally conquered that "slide climb"...nice going for Alli, too! Such colorful Sky Zone socks...being put to great, fun use. What a workout that day! EOM