Sunday, April 9, 2023

Happy Easter!

Happy Easter! The kids have been really excited for this morning to come. 

They're really into Pokemon right now, so they were happy to see that in their Easter "baskets". Alli loves Pikachu. 

And Ian loves Jigglypuff. 

If you didn't know, whenever Jigglypuff sings, it puts everything around it to sleep. 

For Theresa, she got some fancy Junior Mints Eggs. I like that they have the oval shape and some color to them!

And I got the best Easter Candy around! Cadbury Mini Eggs!

They're so good. I need to find some on clearance before they're gone for the season. 

The morning in Florida started with rain, so the kids jumped right into their Easter plans for us adults. They worked on it in their room in secret yesterday. It's an egg hunt! 

But you have to sign up first. 

All around their room, they've hidden "eggs" and we have to find them. (More on those eggs in a bit)

And if you find the specially hidden "bunnies" you win a Bunny Borough Basket to keep it in! Very cute idea Alli. 

A very successful hunt. Check out that Easter Cow decoration they have from Chick-fil-A last week

Looking at the decorations and eggs. Not having plastic eggs of their own to fill, the kids both got creative in their own way. Alli used construction paper to form an egg and a base. 

And inside she stuffed candy and prizes. 

Ian used small cups, with "egg" on the front and filled them with candy and coins to hide around the room. 

As well as folded up pictures they drew. 

Finally the rain had stopped and the ground was dry enough for the egg hunt outside. 

Theresa did a good job of hiding some easy eggs, as well as a few tricky ones. 

It won't be long before we start filling up that map again. 

Ah, there's even eggs hidden on the Beast!

This pink egg was just a little too high to see from the ground, and a little too close to the toolbox to see when you climb up. 

Ah, found it! 

They loved their eggs and finding the candy and money inside. 

Yes Alli, you can start eating your bunny. 

Ears first of course. 

And will you share? 

Yes! Thanks Alli! Happy Easter!

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  1. Joyous, blessed Easter!! That was quite a day of "egg" hunts...Alli & Ian got a chance to make their own egg hunt and eggs, filled w/ lots of goodies...very nice! The outside egg hunt was really fun, too...the ones on the Beast were well-placed (not too hard but not too easy, either). Those Cadbuy Mini Eggs are super colorful...have never seen Jr. Mints Eggs before (must have been yummy since Jr. Mints taste good :-) ) Pikachu and Jigglypuff are sooooo cute and cuddly...nice touch to have color-matching M&M's candy containers for each character! EOM