Tuesday, April 4, 2023

Wildcats Football - Going to Indiana to watch Austin play college football - 2023/09/24

Catching up on earlier posts. This is from September. 

Watching Austin play football? Definitely! We're in!

We've been watching Austin play football for a really long time. I took these shots back in 2010 when he was still playing flag football. 

And again in 2014 when the big prize for doing well was a can of Pringles! Since then though, he's put a lot of time in the weight room, training camps, and more to get to where he is today, with a college scholarship to play football!

As a Sophomore, he's still waiting on his chance to step up and play in the big game, so when we heard that the starting quarterback had a bad sack the week before and wouldn't play the whole game, we were sad for him, but excited for Austin. That Saturday morning, we all piled into different vehicles and took the 3 hour (one-way) drive to Indiana Wesleyan University to watch him play. 

Riding it out in the back seat of the van, with my favorite mug and coffee. 

Our trip today is taking us through Ohio and into Indiana. 

All the way to the Wildcat stadium! 

And believe it or not, even with all our travels, Alli and Ian haven't visited Indiana yet. That changes today! Cross off that state!

Arriving way earlier than the rest of us were Donald and Amy as they provided snacks for the booster club. 

Welcome your Indiana Wesleyan Wildcats! 

We even got a surprise, seeing the other engaged couple here! I thought our drive was long, Abby and her fiance Carson drove 6 hours from Nashville up to visit with everyone. 

Oh yeah! Boomsticks! 

Let's go Wildcats! 

Love you Abby!


It was an exciting first half of the game, with IWU dominating. 

Halftime and still no Austin. 

Watching the halftime show. 

Warming up before the second half. There's Austin! 

He looks ready!

And he's in! 

Showing his scrambling skills. 

He can throw, and he can run. 

Count 1 touchdown!

And that's good for number 2! 

Wildcats win!

Great job Austin! After the game, we got to go down on the field for hugs.

Maybe one day Ian. 

Great to see you Austin! Boy you've gotten big!

I don't know that you'd fit on my shoulders anymore!

She looks tough!

Ending with a photo of Ethan and Austin. 

And remembering them playing together all those years ago. 
So glad we got to come out!

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  1. What flashback photos...last one is so cute and represents Austin & Ethan playing together, and now grown up together at the college game...what fond memories from the past. Congrats to Austin for getting into his first game and executing well...exhilarating reward were those TD' exciting for him and his cheering family, relatives, and friends. Lots of great pics of Austin in action during the game...something to look back on and recall with a smile (along with all the wonderful family & friends group pics afterwards!) Also exciting was to have all the family (and future family) there, too! (congrats to Abby & Carson's engagement). Great day for a football game and football debut. EOM