Thursday, April 27, 2023

A Halloween trip to Disneyland - Pt 1 - 2022/10/10

Coming back to this after a little time off.
We're back at Disneyland! (from October 2022). 

We're staying in a hotel over by the beach, but we still got up early to get to the park around opening time. 

Where should we start our day? 


First things first, though I don't like doing it, I see the benefit in it. We all purchased Genie+. 
Theresa saw that Monsters Inc was down, but was still offering reservations. As soon as she reserved it, it turned into an "Anywhere" fastpass! Smart! 
We chose to go on the Incredicoaster! 

The kids are both big coaster fans! Front row! Great for the big drop after the lift hill!


Next up, how about the swings! 

The kids wanted to ride together on the double swing, and now they're both tall enough to be able to!


Another spinning ride? Is Theresa going to get to go on anything today? 

Taking a spin on the Golden Zephyr. 

Theresa loves that Halloween candy shirt. It does look good. 

Now let's head into Cars Land and go on a ride that everyone can enjoy. 

Mater has been transformed, along with new music into the Graveyard Jambooree. 

They do have their favorite. I remember when they were little they'd track the eyes of the different tractors and make sure they raced to the one with the eye color they were after. 

Theresa's first ride of the day!


And a blue eyed baby tractor. Thanks for the ride!

Hiya Stanley! 

How about a snack break? Free bread? 

Joe - Ooh, we should get a vampire Mickey for lunch! 

Ian - Why? That's just more crust. 

Our next Genie+ reservations have us going to Toy Story Midway Mania, but we're just a little early. Looking in the store nearby... why do they have Remy's Ratatouille Adventure here? That's in Florida and France. Not California.  

Time for Jessie's Roundup. 

This reminds me of a picture I took with her many many years ago. 

Aww, this was little baby Alli's very first ride at Disneyland, back when it was King Triton's Carrousel of the Sea. 

Alli on the pinkest and purplest animal. 

Time to ride Toy Story Midway Mania! 
But, as soon as we got to the front of the line, and I mean the very front of the line, it had an issue and went down. Doh. We did get a free Fastpass for any other ride, but this messed up our Genie+ plans because in the app, it thought we'd already been on Midway Mania, and you can only get 1 per day. That'll be a problem to figure out later though. 

For now, another ride on the Incredicoaster! 

Front row again!

It's been a good start to the morning. 

Over to Goofy's Sky School where we learn that Pilot Goofy is just as good as Engineer Goofy (from the Runaway Railway). 

It's a wild ride! Especially when you're not holding on!

Hi Dante! 

Racers has a long line... but not for single riders! We've done single rider at Test Track dozens of times! We're pros now. 

Getting split up is no problem. 

Always a fun time. 

Using some of the "treat money" they got from family to enjoy some tasty things at the park. 

Though I do have to say, $4.75 for a fruit bar is a little excessive. And the sign promises an Outshine Strawberry Bar, though they hand out these Helados Mexico bars. 

Our morning in DCA has been fun, but it's 1pm and time to hop over to that other park they've got. We're going to Disneyland! 

Our stone paver has held up surprisingly well after all these years! I love seeing it every time we visit. We'll continue from here in Part 2!

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  1. The special stone paver has endured the elements extremely well!! That was a full morning at DCA...Theresa was very patient as the spinning & coaster fans enjoyed their exhilarating thrills to start off the day (I'd do the same thing! :-) ). Ian made a good observation on the Vampire Mickey bread, "just more crust!" :-)...had to smile at that comment (but that could mean more to feed the ducks with!) Awwww, pulling out that cutie photo of Alli's first Disney ride and showing it next to a "grown" Alli 7 years later...time flew by! EOM