Saturday, April 1, 2023

Tasting Peeps Pepsi, Peepsi, a Marshmallow Flavored Soda

Pepsi flavored to taste like Peeps? You know we're in! My brother sent me a picture in early February of Peeps Pepsi from the internet. Both of us set out to find it. 

We love trying lots of different Peeps. We've done multiple Peeps taste tests, comparing the flavored Peeps to their counterparts, like Original Peeps to homemade sugared marshmallows, Cotton Candy Peeps, Hot Tamales Peeps, Pancakes and Syrup Peeps, Fruit Punch Peeps, Blue Raspberry Peeps, Sour Watermelon Peeps, Party Cake Peeps, and Root Beer Float Peeps. We compared all those flavors in a Peeps Face-off Taste Test challenge. We bought the chocolate dipped Peeps. We tried Peeps cereal back in 2019, and then again in 2021 when they changed the cereal marshmallows

I love that the bottles are the bright yellow of the classic JustBorn Peeps. 

I found quite a few things this year that are Peeps flavored. We'll be trying each of them in the days before Easter. Peeps Cotton Candy, Peeps Lollipop Rings, and Peeps Gummies, to go along with the Peeps Pepsi. 

This Pepsi is not just Marshmallow flavored Pepsi. It's Artificial Marshmallow flavored Pepsi. We tried that Marshmello Coke (that tasted like Watermelon). Think this will taste like the candy? 

Sitting down to give it a try. 

And it's another Flowers family! Patrick, Megan, and Avery are FaceTiming and will try it along with us! 
Patrick - Hello Peeps! 

First up, cold from the fridge, Peeps Pepsi. 

Give that a whiff. See how it smells and what we're in for when we drink it. 
Megan - Eww. 
Patrick - It smells marshmallowy. 
Joe - It does. It has that artificial marshmallow smell. 

Theresa is not a fan of Peeps in general. She's not really looking forward to this series of taste tests we'll be doing. 

Taking a sip and... Well I don't think that's going to be a winner. 
Megan - I don't taste anything that different than Pepsi. 
Joe - Disagree. 
Patrick - I taste the marshmallow. 
Joe - It definitely has a flavor. 
Theresa - ARTIFICIAL marshmallow Pepsi. 
Megan - That's weird. 
Ian - Can I have some more? 

But what about Avery? If it's sugar, she's usually a fan, giving things million trillion thumbs up. 
Theresa - Oh! That's the first time I've seen Avery make a face that says "I don't like this sweet thing."
Joe - Avery, how many hundred thumbs up? 
Alli - Bleh. All thumbs down. 

Let's try a Peep now. 
Megan - I want an edge piece. 
Ian - This is going to be way better. 
Theresa - I don't know why I don't like these so much. I like regular marshmallows. 

Patrick - It just tastes like marshmallow. What do you think Avery?  
Avery - I give it a quarter thumb down. 
Megan - More? 
Avery - Well. Yes. 
Megan - She does not like marshmallows in general but since it's the only thing with sugar she's getting tonight...

Theresa - They don't taste like the soda at all. 
Megan - Something might be wrong with my tastebuds because these don't taste like marshmallow. 
Theresa - They taste like fluffy sugar. 

How much sugar is in a bottle of Pepsi? The same amount of sugar as 4 Peeps. 

Do we dare to combine them? 

Yes we do. 

Ian was all over that. 

The back of the package suggested putting Peeps in coffee or hot chocolate. Megan and Patrick had other ideas. Peeps S'mores!

Instead of a graham cracker and Hershey's, Ritz crackers and chocolate chips. 

Wow. I'm impressed with the toasting. It still looks like a Peep. 



And way better than the Peeps soda. 
Will you be giving the Peeps Pepsi a try? We still had fun with it! Lots more Peeps things still to try!

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  1. Peeps Pepsi soda sounds...."strange" :-) Must have been really "thumbs down" if Avery didn't like the sugary treat :-) ...Theresa's expression leaves no mistake about what she thought of the soda :-) That's a novel idea for a Peeps S'more: Ritz Crackers+Chocolate Chips+Peeps...looks like a treat that's been enjoyed before!...what a "toasty-looking" peep, too. Think I'll pass on the Peeps Pepsi :-) EOM