Monday, April 3, 2023

Flying to Michigan and celebrating the kids' birthdays - 2022/09/23

Playing catch-up a bit. This is from September 2022. 

Seems like we just got back to Colorado in the RV, but we're already headed off to Michigan! Pop Pop dropped us off at the airport. 

And after a long day of flying...

We got to Michigan! Donald was there to pick us up, even though it was after midnight. 

Still awake? 

Since we're coming here around the kids' birthday, we're going to be celebrating with the Michigan family. We asked the kids to make a list of things they wanted to do for their birthday celebration. 
Alli has a very well thought out list. 

Same with Ian. 

The next day, Aubrey and Jared were there to cook all of us breakfast. Thank you!

Alli found Bernard, a giant stuffed dog that Aubrey has that they lay on and play with all the time. She's thought about getting rid of it, but knowing how much the kids love it, can't do it. 


And Grandpa!

We knew this was coming. Ian's hair has been getting long and we've been saying "Just wait until Grammy gets a hold of you."

A little messy. 

But I like it that way. 

Nice and trimmed up. 

Uncle Ty!

Grammy and Grandpa have been working hard on their garden on the side of the house. 

They've been waiting to pick a few things until the kids arrived. 

That's a nice haul. 

Mmm, and chicken nuggets to go with them for dinner. Yummy. Everyone loves Grammy's chicken nuggets. She doesn't know the recipe, just adding what she thinks she needs. I followed along one time and wrote it all down

After dinner, we thought it'd be fun to head to Chuck E Cheese. 

It's nice that they have different games at all of them. 

Though Skee-ball is consistent at all of them. 

Ethan setting some high scores on the football game. 

And Jared trying to take him down. 

How about basketball? 

Always good for a competition. 

Keep trying to win that bouncy ball. 


Mario Kart Racing! Totally in!

Ha! I like the photos that go along with it. 

Uncle Ty grilling us some tasty burgers and hot dogs. I am jealous of that giant blackstone griddle. 

We were very excited to hear that Jared proposed to Aubrey and she said yes! Now there's a wedding to plan! They're going to need some help in the wedding though... So Alli, would you please be my Flower Girl and Junior Bridesmaid? 


And Ian, would you help Jared by being a Ring Bearer and Junior Groomsman? 

Of course!

Love the gifts. Personalized money clip and golf ball for Ian, and a nice drink glass and hair tie for Alli. 

We know Aubrey does eyelashes, Beauty By Aubrey, but she can also do nails on special occasion. Special occasions like a younger cousin visiting. 

All hand-painted designs. Very nice Aubrey. 

Uncle Ty showing off his garden. He grows lots of tasty tomatoes. 

Perfect for bruschetta! And the kids birthday dinner!

Alli getting those candy bracelets and necklaces she asked for. 

Happy birthday!

One of the things the kids wanted was a Crunchlabs subscription from their favorite YouTuber Mark Rober. 

Too bad it was so popular that it sold out super quickly. 

But good thing we knew they'd want it right away and were among the first to sign up! Just waiting until their birthday to give it to them!

We're going to have a lot of fun with the engineering and science behind these kits. 

A stuffed Minecraft pig! How did you know? 

Nerf darts. 

Lots of clothes.

And a tasty cake from Aunt Rita!


And lots of colorful balloons too! Playing that "keep the balloon up" game the whole time we were visiting! There's lot more going on, but this is getting long enough, so I'll stop the first post here. 

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  1. Wow...what a Michigan birthday celebration for Alli & Ian...lots of different gifts and special family members to share it with!!...and don't forget the yummy birthday cake! Some really cute birthday pictures of Alli & Ian sitting amongst the gifts. My favorite item from Alli's birthday list was "Bowling if Mom & Dad say so" because it showed how much she respected her parents and wanted their permission first! Ian had a great idea of "Off school that day"...who wouldn't want to forget about schoolwork for that one special day? That Bernard dog is HUGE and cute...can see why Alli & Ian adore it so much. What a wonderful sight to see all those homegrown veggies...treasure trove of delicious, healthy food...can't beat those garden-fresh, homegrown veggies (especially tomatoes!!) Lots of delicious, filling home-cooked meals while in Michigan, with different cooks, too! How exciting for Alli to be the Flower Girl & Jr Bridesmaid, and Ian to be the Ring Bearer & Jr Groomsman...such an honor that they'll always remember and treasure!!! EOM