Friday, April 7, 2023

Taste Testing Peeps Cotton Candy

As we get closer and closer to Easter, I've been seeing a lot more Peeps themed snacks around. Not just the classic marshmallow chicks that are at every grocery store, but also some more unique items that I haven't seen before. Well for the Peeps lovers in this family, I know what to do whenever we see something new! We try it of course! 

Let's start off with this Peeps Cotton Candy! 

As I was looking around Dollar Tree, I found these two bags of real cotton candy. Not to be confused with the Marshmallow Peeps flavored like Cotton Candy that we tried before

These 2 ounce bags of cotton candy were $1.25 each at Dollar Tree. They show the classic Peeps Chicks and Bunny along with a fluff of cotton candy. I like the bright colors on bags, though Alli rightfully asked why there wasn't a blue colored version. 
Theresa said she would protest there not being any blue by not eating any of it. (She doesn't care for cotton candy)

The Cotton Candy promises to be Marshmallow flavored, and is made by Thrive Brands, a company that makes cotton candy for a few different licensed brands. 

Opening the bags, you are immediately hit with the sweet smell of not marshmallow, but vanilla, or more specifically vanilla frosting. After the artificial marshmallow taste of the Peeps Pepsi we had earlier, I think I have an idea what we're in for. 
Alli - That smells awkward.
Ian - It smells like s'mores. 
Theresa - Oh wow! It is a super strong smell. 
Joe - It smells like icing. 
Theresa - Like vanilla frosting. Birthday Cake!
Jacob - It's Funfetti. 
Ian - Or candy corn. 
Well I think our sniffers are all over the place on this one. 

There's both pink and yellow cotton candy we'll taste today. The texture of bagged cotton candy is a little different than what you'd find at a fresh cotton candy stand. The fibers are short and the end product is a lot more "crumbly" than what you'd expect. 

And I guess it's difficult to match those bright Peeps colors. 

Those when I dumped out the bag of cotton candy onto the parchment paper covered table, all this extra fine sugar also came out of the bag. 

Check the other bag, and it's there too. Are they trying to simulate the fine sugar coating that covers all the marshmallow Peeps? If so, extra props to them. I found that they also make Peeps Cotton Candy with mini marshmallows. 
I'm not so sure that's intentional, thinking it was just the "cotton candy sugar" that didn't get spun. 
Joe - So you think that's on purpose? 
Theresa - It's not a think. It's a know. It's a guarantee. It's meant to be there. It's purposeful design. 

Now let's go in for a taste. 
Both are Marshmallow flavored Cotton Candy, but for some reason the two colors taste different. 
Jacob - Barely any flavor besides sugar.

Alli tried the pink first (obviously) and ran over to the trash to spit it out.
Ian - I like it (trying yellow). It tastes like candy corn too. 

Thumbs down for the pink one for Alli. But after trying the yellow one she claimed it tasted better. 
Are they really different? 
Actually, yes, they were. 
The yellow tasted less intense. More like vanilla cotton candy. The pink was a strong cake frosting flavor and not as preferred. 

Verdicts on the cotton candy? 
Alli - Yellow is 5 out of 10. Pink is a 1 out of 10. 
Ian - Pink is 4 of 10. Yellow is 2 out of 10. 
Theresa - And you two are still chowing down on things that are 2s and 4s quality out of 10? 
Ian - Yes!

These were interesting to try! 

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  1. The texture of bagged cotton candy is definitely not delicate and wispy like the freshly made ones from the stand! Interesting flavors it appears, based on everyone's comments. Think Theresa was on a roll with her sayings that night: "It's not a think. It's a know." :-), and "And you two are still chowing down on things that are 2's and 4's quality out of 10?" (that really had me chuckling!) Guess the original peeps are still the best! EOM