Saturday, July 30, 2022

Happy Birthday to me! - Going on a whale watching adventure!

Happy Birthday to me! Jumping forward a bit from the posts I have done lately, we're in Washington! Megan is in town and highly recommended we all go on a whale watching tour and that sounded like a fantastic idea! So today, as a special treat for my birthday, we are going on a whale watching tour with Island Adventures Whale Watching!

The kids surprised me with birthday cards. Whenever they are at the grocery store self checkout, or anywhere really, they look for coins and keep them in the truck. They taped my coins adding up to my age to each of their cards as a special gift. 

After meeting up with Megan in the afternoon, we drove to Anacortes. We boarded the Island Explorer and set off in search of whales! 
Along the way, we stopped by a few other wildlife spots. We found seals! Including momma seals and their pups. The one on the left is giving their baby a kiss. 

Admiral! There be whales here! (anyone get the reference?) 
Alli and Ian can spot them!

There's a big 15 year old Orca!

And a momma and her 4 year old baby. 
I have more photos, but I'll have to go through them a little more. 

A few more seals being vocal about our visit in the boat nearby. 

And for my birthday dessert, Megan bought me one of my favorite treats! Actually, knowing I love doing taste test comparisons, she bought me chocolate chip cookies from 3 different local bakeries that people around here recommended. Thanks Megan!

It was a great birthday adventure! 

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  1. Happy Birthday, Joe!! What a "whale" of a way to celebrate it :-) ...great suggestion by Megan. Everyone had such a great time...look at those big smiles in the closing photo! Along with the whales, everyone was treated to the seals, too (awwwwwww...mother seal kissing her baby seal :-) ) Like the kids' idea of taping coins adding up to your age on their birthday card...what a neat idea! Megan's idea of a taste test with chocolate chip cookies sounds like a deeeeeeeeeeeeelicious one!...can't wait for that one :-) Happy Birthday blessings to you, and many more! EOM