Thursday, July 14, 2022

My latest Micechat article is live - Design your own Disney Passport!

My latest Micechat article is live! I made my own Disney Passport for visiting all the Disney parks in the world! Plus at the end you can design your own personalized Disney passport for yourself!

I even figured out the dynamic coding to make your own! That was more of a challenge than making the stamps, but it was fun to figure out! Design YOUR Disney passport here!

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  1. Just AMAZING!...never tire of seeing those creative passport stamps and reading about the story behind them. The two stamps that stood out were the "hidden" meaning (i.e., it wasn't some icon that "gave it away) ones that weren't so obvious: DCA (listing cities visited by Soarin' and then some were a silent salute to CA and the favorite DCA Soarin' attraction) and Hong Kong (getting that 80% number and applying it to the oval stamp was an ingenious way to represent HK, especially since HK was initially designed as a "smaller version of Disneyland"). The Walt Disney quote you used on the passport was SO PERFECT!!!...beautifully captured the spirit of Walt's thinking process that led to Disneyland and the creativity behind the many attractions. Still get a chuckle from that Paris story of leaving the tour group "just to see Disneyland" instead of seeing Paris' iconic structures! :-) You did such a WONDERFUL job on the Disney stamps, passport, and the passport generator!!!...such creativity and talent!!! EOM