Friday, July 15, 2022

Visiting with Kelly, Sean, and the girls at Rustler's Rooste Arizona

We're in Phoenix and lucky us, we've got friends who live here! I've known Kelly for years now through the Micechat forums. I loved meeting up with Sean, Kelly, and the girls at Disneyland. I'm excited that we get to hang out together again!

But where should we meet up? 
A unique Phoenix offering is the Rustler's Rooste Steakhouse. Beef and Brew with a View. 

This restaurant has two levels, and there's one thing really fun about it. 

You could always use the stairs to come down to the bottom level or...

Use the slide!

The kids loved the slide so much! After ordering food, they hopped in line and went as many times as they could. Of course they encountered the selfish kids who would cut the line, but what are you going to do when they just won't listen. Only one person is supposed slide at a time, and they've actually set up a chair at the top. The kids take turns acting as policemen telling others when they can slide. 

Just for kids? No way! I took a few turns down the slide also! All the way until it was time to eat!

As far as the food goes, that was the most disappointing part of the restaurant. The menu offered things like Rattlesnake bites, but unfortunately when we tried to order it, they were sold out. 
Theresa ordered the Rotisserie Chicken and found it bland and dry. Sean ordered the shrimp and actually sent it back to the kitchen. 
My burger was a giant 12 oz patty with mayo, jalapenos, cheese, plus I added a few onion rings to it. The beef wasn't seasoned much, but the rest of it added more flavor. 

The kids got mac & cheese or cheeseburgers. They were mostly excited to finish up their food and rush back over to the slide. 

As a special surprise, they brought out free cotton candy for each family. 

It's been 3 years since the kids played together, but they became fast friends all over again. 

Thanks for making the time to meet up with us and hang out!

It's always good to see friends. 

Looking forward to coming back through here and catching up again!


  1. I remember those Disney Dapper Day encounter photos!...good to see Kelly, Sean, & family has been a while. That slide at Rustler's Rooste is quite a unique feature...a fun one, too...maybe it's meant to distract from the food (wink, wink)...but the surprise, free cotton candy was a nice touch for the kids. What a BIG burger...were you actually able to take a bite with each filling in that one bite? What another fun gathering with old Disney friends on this westward trip. EOM

    1. I did squish it down a little bit, but yes, I could take a bite of the entire thing. I do like big burgers.

    2. That reminds me of a comic strip I enjoy reading to this day, "Blondie". In case you're not familiar with it, Blondie's husband Dagwood, is known for HUMONGOUS sandwiches (very exaggerated size in height); and of course, he manages to "stretch" his mouth extra wide to eat it :-)

    3. I do remember reading Blondie, along with those Dagwood sandwiches. That's a good analogy to that burger. It was huge!