Wednesday, July 13, 2022

The Flowers Explore - Phoenix and Hilton's River Ranch Water Park Pt 1 - 2022/05/27-30

It's a lot of fun to hang out at the RV parks, but every once in a while, we like to take a break and visit some place different. A couple years ago we had a lot of fun visiting a hotel/water park in Phoenix. Let's do it again! 

Last time we visited the Westin Kierland Resort. This time we're headed to the Hilton Phoenix River Ranch resort. 

Check-in was easy enough. The rooms are a little dated, but nice enough. Plus it's a suite, so there's a back bedroom, plus a living room. 

One other thing the kids have really been loving are arcade games. Theresa found a Bowlero with an attached arcade.

Using a coupon from Group-on, the kids got a discount on arcade cards. Let's go play!


The kids are quick to share their credits. 

Some games are a little too tall to play for the kids, but we can make do. 

This claw game was a play until you win, but we tried to teach them how maybe putting the equivalent of 50 cents into the machine wasn't worth the Tootsie Roll that they won. 

Mario Kart! It's great at home, but to have a real racing wheel with pedals could be even better!

They had fun racing until the right side locked up. Ian did get a refund. 

There's a Quik Drop with a really big jackpot! And I won! That's a lot of tickets!

Flappy Bird was difficult. 

Big Bass Wheel is a random spinner, but it can be fun. It reminds me of the Big Wheel from The Price Is Right. 

Ian has seen Arcade Matt play Pop The Lock and win the jackpot dozens of times. It's a lot harder than it is on the videos. He's going to need more practice if he wants to hit those jackpots. 

How can we redeem our tickets that we've earned? There's an automated machine! It works similarly to a vending machine. Just swipe your card, make your selection, then it'll deduct your tickets and vend your prize. Interesting!

Alli was happy to get a pink slap bracelet that changes colors to gold! 

A video.

The next morning, Theresa ran off to the gym, but the kids and I are going to go explore the water park!

There's a lazy river, water slide, and more!

They've been talking all about the water slide for a long time now. It was really popular, but at least the line moved quickly. 

The kids would go down the slide. 

Then run up and go again. 

After a dozen slides, I pulled them over to the lazy river to enjoy a few laps on that. Of course Alli had to find a pink tube. 

Floating past the town of Tombstone. 

Theresa made it! One of the benefits Theresa has here with her hotel rewards, she gets a credit of $25 per day. We can spend that on just about anything we want, and since it's hot, many of the times we picked ice cream!

They had a big selection of Dippin Dots and other novelty treats. 

It's been a fun day at the water park. 

But it's dinner time! Let's eat!


The last time I was here I had a fabulous deep dish pizza from Lou Malnati's. They're a deep dish chain from Chicago. The kids didn't care about deep dish pizza so they were happy with Little Caesars pepperoni and breadsticks. 

Getting home, and opening the box to my deep dish pizza, I was a bit disappointed. 

The crust was way over-baked and crunchy. The toppings and sauce weren't thick like a deep dish should be and didn't even go to the edge. $28 for this? 
Well it's been a fun start to the days we're going to be here. Let's see what other things we can do! 

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  1. After looking forward with a lot of hungry anticipation, what a big let down on the deep dish was more like a "shallow" dish pizza :-( What a time at the arcade...Mario Kart w/ the racing wheel and pedals added another dimension of fun (too bad the fun got cut off early for Ian)...Pop the Lock looks like a fun but addictive game...whoa, look at that Jackpot at Quick Drop!! Alli was pretty excited to win that pink bracelet for a prize (how does she manage to always get that perfect color?). A Water Park is the place to be in the hot weather (or an A/C room :-) )...whoosh, the slides look fun!...very relaxing and peaceful tubing down the lazy river. That was a fun day at the resort and a nice change of pace. EOM