Thursday, January 6, 2022

A trip to Missouri

Our Christmas break in Florida is wrapping up a couple days early. It's been a bit hectic. A couple days ago, Richard got a phone call that his 96 year old mother wasn't doing well. He hopped on a plane and was able to get there 90 minutes before she passed away. After getting things prepared, the rest of the family came a couple days later. 

The airports are a bit crazy, seeing as how it's the week of Christmas. All the long-term parking lots were full. Luckily we had made a reservation, though it was for a few days later. They were turning others away at the entrance, but since we had a reservation for the week, we were allowed in. 

The train ride to the terminal is always fun. Love the beautiful sunsets. 

We arrived at the gate and then started playing the waiting game. Thirty minutes, sixty minutes. With all the issues going on with flights these days, we should be grateful it's not cancelled. It did turn out to be a problem for us unfortunately. Theresa and I have a rental car, but the counters all closed at 10pm in Saint Louis. We called and there isn't anything you can do if you arrive late. They suggested coming the next morning to get a car. Hmm. 

With Southwest you board in groups, and lower numbers are better. It's open seating once you get onto the plane, so since Ian and I were able to get on first, it was our job to hold 11 seats together for everyone else who is joining us. 

Someone is comfortable. 

To move so many people around, we need a van. Tyler had to leave Florida to deal with something back in Michigan and was able to grab the big church van. He drove it from Michigan to Saint Louis and then flew from Saint Louis to Florida to join us again. Whew!
So who was going to pick us up from the airport? Tyler's sister Tiffany came to the airport late at night to pick all 11 of us up. Thank you Tiff!

And Tyler's parents, Don and Karen, opened up their house to us, taking every bed, couch, and air mattress, but ultimately fitting everyone. Don and Karen are so sweet. Both of them are laid up right now due to foot issues. One had surgery and the other had an accident, and they're both in wheelchairs. That didn't stop them from being very hospitable though. 
It's getting quite late and we've got to drive a bit tomorrow. Look at that big yawn from Alli. We've got to get these kids to bed. 

The next morning, everyone hopped into the van to travel to the funeral home. There's the Saint Louis Arch, Gateway to the West. We'll have to come back out here again to explore it a little better. 

It was a 2 hour drive, but the kids stayed entertained with headphones and an iPad. 

It was a lovely service. Richard came up and recalled a few fond memories of his mother. She was a great cook. Donald also spoke about his memories of his Grandma. 

Grandma Myers loved singing Hymns and while Donald played piano, the Grandkids and Great Grandkids sang "The Old Rugged Cross" and "What a Day That Will Be". Grandma would love that. 

She was laid to rest beside her husband. The kids received flowers as a remembrance. 

After the service, everyone drove the 2 hours back to Tyler's parents' house for dinner. 

Our reason for being here was sad, but it was also great to see our extended family who we haven't been able to visit for so long. Even though our time here was brief, it was great to see everyone. Tomorrow we're hitting the road bright and early. 

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  1. Despite the logistical issues (nightmare, but you all rolled with the punches really well!), glad everyone made it safely to Missouri and the funeral service. Special to hear from Richard and Don, reflecting on some memories with Mom & Grandma, respectively...singing favorite hymns only added to the memories. Despite the sadness of Grandma Meyers' passing, the service was also a Celebration of Life since she knew Jesus personally and is with Him now. As you said, the sad occasion also offered an opportunity to see extended family, albeit briefly. Again, sorry for everyone's loss of Grandma Meyers. EOM