Friday, January 14, 2022

SpaceX Rocket Launch

One of the awesome things about living in Florida is that Cape Canaveral isn't all that far away. For kids who love things that are space related, that's great! 

On Thursday morning, I was tracking a launch by SpaceX, and right at 10:25am they were ready! I called the kids to come watch on the TV and then showed them the area of the sky we might be able to see it.  

Right outside the window, Ian's keeping an eye on the skies. 

And just 40 seconds later, we could see the rocket's exhaust trail going up in the sky, plus the flames coming out of the main rocket. 

It's a bit far away, but it's still awesome to see. 

Back inside, we all watched as the first stage of the Falcon 9 rocket came back down to earth and landed back at Cape Canaveral. Amazing!

Are these alien visitors, coming from the space rocket?

"Wellcome" (to earth)

And it's really cool that everything is streaming online and recorded! The launch is at 14:55 and the landing is around 22:30. Hopefully we can get out to the Cape and watch a launch a little closer. 

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  1. It's really amazing to see how far things have progressed for space exploration and travel...seeing the booster rocket land safely at the designated spot may "look smooth and easy" but so many things have to go perfectly for that to happen...just amazing to see it occur successfully (split screen gives a good perspective on the landing). Hope the family does get to see a launch in person and closer to the action (well, as close as they'll let you)...will be exciting and quite an experience. EOM