Monday, January 31, 2022

Pizza at Home - Pesto and Basil Thin Crust Pizza

Time for another pizza night! And since my brother is visiting, I asked what pizza is his favorite. He said he likes Pesto on anything, so I suggested other toppings that might be tasty to go on top. Goat Cheese (yes), pineapple (yes), tomatoes (yes), basil (absolutely yes). 

What about the pizza crust? Regular or thin crust?
Definitely thin crust.
Of course it's thin crust. That makes 3 straight weeks of thin crust pizza.  

And so I got to work making the pizza dough and then rolling it out as flat as I could between two sheets of parchment. 

Lightly sauced. I don't want this getting too soggy. Because I can only make 2 pizzas at a time, I started with the kids' pizzas. Pepperoni of course. 

Meanwhile Theresa is prepping the rest of the ingredients. 

Olives and ham for her. She'll split it with Avery and anyone else who wants a piece. All together I'm making 7 different thin crust pizzas today. 

Alli is enjoying her pepperoni and sausage pizza while Uncle Patrick puts his together. 

I'm sure that will turn out fantastic. 

Going into the oven. 

And coming out. Topped with fresh basil from our new plant. 

I also made a meat, caramelized onion, pineapple, goat cheese, blue cheese pizza that turned out great. Theresa made another mashup of the margherita and napa rose pizza and it was delicious again! Probably my new favorite!

For dessert, Theresa and Megan picked up a Key Lime pie. It was so good!

Grow quickly little basil plant! With a few of your leaves, we can make some delicious pizzas!

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  1. A little plant that keeps on giving! Time for sharing delicious pizza with visiting family (looks like thin crust is a growing favorite in the extended family); then top it off with that yummy looking Key Lime pie! Looks like Sunday's pizza night + Key Lime pie was a roaring success! EOM