Sunday, January 9, 2022

Happy New Years Eve Celebration from Michigan

Happy New Year! After everyone hanging out together in a rental house in Florida, then a trip to Missouri, we're all back in Florida and ready to celebrate the new year. Bring on 2022!

No celebration is complete without good food to eat. These guys did an amazing job putting everything together for the rest of us. 

Things like this don't just fall into place. You need a plan, and a good plan always starts with a list. Ian made a list of all the Food and other ingredients they need. 

Alli has the Decorations. 

On New Year's Eve, everyone got to work hanging up decorations and blowing up balloons. 

There's a lot of work to be done in the kitchen too, and everyone is ready to pitch in. There's strawberries to wash, dry, and slice. 

Making a tasty cream cheese filling to pipe inside them. 

Ian is getting instruction on proper piping technique. 

Thanks Ian!

To finish it off, Aubrey broke some graham crackers into bits and gave each strawberry a piece. Those look beautiful!

How about some fruit skewers? Alli made selections of each kind of tasty fruit and placed in on each skewer. 

Good work skewer team. 

Payton has been bragging a bit about her charcuterie skills. It's time to see her skills in action. First she's making roses. Roses? Yes, out of our different meats. 

Using a cup, she layered the slices around the rim and the result was a fantastic looking rose.

Okay, her boasting was appropriate. This is a beautiful looking platter!

Great job helping kids!

Along with our various crackers, there's a selection of cheeses, meats, nuts, fruits, and spreads. 

I didn't get pictures of them making them, but they also make Funfetti cupcakes and mini cupcakes. What a feast!

Let's dig in!

Everything was delicious, especially the cranberry goat cheese and prosciutto. 


We've heard stories a few times now about how much Jared loves Funfetti cupcakes and how one time he ate a whole cupcake in one bite. I say that's enough talk, it's time for him to show off his skills with everyone here. He grabbed a chocolate cupcake and peeled the wrapper. Rita looks surprised and a little shocked. 

He did it! Now Rita looks impressed. 

Checking in with our Colorado family, cousin Avery is making New Years Eve brownies. Looks great!

As midnight rolled around, everyone gathered in the living room, sparkling cider in hand to toast the new year. 

Happy New Year! We're excited for 2022! There's going to be so many adventures! 

Many of the adults went straight to bed, but these guys are all excited and ready to stay up for another few hours. 

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  1. What a countdown...Happy New Year!!...lots of cheers to go around! What a food spread for New Year's the variety and colorfulness (those meat roses are beautiful...fruit skewers, yay!...cream cheese-filled strawberries w/ decorative graham cracker stems (Ian & Alli were intently watching the technique to fill them...good job)...and the different funfetti cupcakes (Rita's expression as Jared did his 1-bite cupcake demo had me in stitches :-)...oh my, Jared, you really did it!) Avery's brownies with the gold stars were very pretty to see. All the decorations were wonderful, and really added to the festive atmosphere (Alli was pondering the decorations list so very carefully...good list!) Can't believe all the whirlwind traveling everyone did in just the last couple of weeks! EOM