Saturday, January 8, 2022

Fun in the snow in Michigan

Welcome to Michigan! One of the things the kids have been looking forward to on our visit to Michigan was the snow! We try to avoid that when we're in the RV, so we don't get to see it too often. 

We just finished a 9 hour drive from Saint Louis, the last 5 hours of it being in the freezing rain and snow. As soon as I parked the van, the kids hopped out and started throwing snowballs at me. After dinner, it was already dark and after 8pm, but the kids wanted to know "Can we go outside and play in the snow?"

Sure kids! Get some warm clothes on! 

The snow was super wet and packed together well. I thought we were making snowmen together but the kids had other ideas. I got a big base rolling and it was taking all the snow straight off the grass. That meant it was a bit dirty and full of leaves, but it'll still work. 

While I was rolling the snowman, the kids were having a snowball fight with me, and it was pretty one-sided. Ian would wait until I bent down to roll something heavy, then hit me in the back, or neckline. 

Alli was more cautious, preferring to hand Ian snowballs and make him risk getting hit back with a snowball. 

I ended up using most of the snow in the front yard, plus a little bit of the neighbor's yard to make these two tall snowmen. 

We stayed out for over an hour throwing snowballs and running around in the snow. Love it!

The kids took off for a warm bath, but I've got something better. A nice warm fire!

Overnight the temperatures went up and most all of the snow was gone. This was at 10am. 

We'd have to wait 4 days for it to snow again and cover the ground. Pretty!

The kids were right back out there, trying to gather snowballs to throw at me. Luckily this snow was quite different than the one a few days ago. It was very dry and didn't pack together well. 

Donald ran over to his garage and pulled out a few sleds. Perfect! That's the other thing the kids really wanted to do while they were here!

The only hill within walking distance ended with a drainage ditch on the bottom. Normally that's not a problem, because the weather is cold enough for it to freeze over. Today though there's still water flowing, so be careful that you don't go too far down the hill.

Tyler and Ethan were prepared with their camo and waders. They could walk right out into the middle of it and not get wet. 

Donald and I stayed at the bottom of the hill to catch the kids before they went into the water. 

This Florida girl isn't used to the snow. 

But Payton had a great time. A snowball fight broke out, and random snowballs were being thrown. It was dangerous out there.  

Can't let the kids have all the fun! 

We all went together, with me digging in my heels as soon as we got close to the bottom. 

Alli grabbed a shovel and dug a pathway. 

Then pushed Ethan on a sled and hopped on top of him for a ride down. 

Now that is a good way to get back up the hill. 

Everyone else is starting to freeze, but Alli wanted one more trip down the hill Uncle Don. 

Bail at the end! 

A few video clips I took of our fun outside. Yes, that's me "snowboarding" down the hill. It's not easy with nothing to strap your feet into. 

There's one treat I have to have every Christmas season, and it's perfect for when you're coming in out of the cold. Grandma's Spiced Tea! Austin thinks it's delicious and wanted to learn how to make it. Together we got it started before going outside, so it could simmer the whole time we're outside. 

Grandma's Spice Tea is a mixture of Cinnamon, OJ, Pineapple, and Lemon Juice, plus tea and cloves. 

And sugar. This pot is exactly big enough for a double batch, but no more. It's up to the lip of the pot. 

It fills the house with an amazing aroma and it is the perfect treat for coming in from the cold. Thanks Austin! And now there's another generation that knows and love's my grandma's spiced tea recipe.

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  1. After a 9 hr drive, Alli & Ian had too much pent-up energy...time for snowball fights and making snowmen (well, watch Dad make the snowmen while pummeling him w/ the cold stuff!)...such big, tall snowmen! Lots of fun sledding down the hill...good thing for dependable "kid catchers" to avoid the water (some close calls but survived it!) Some hot Grandma's Spice Tea is the perfect way to warm up after all that cold sledding (such an inviting aroma, too)...looks like Austin is picking up the baton to carry on Grandma's Spice Tea recipe (way to go, Austin!). EOM