Saturday, January 22, 2022

Nerds Candy Corn

Nerds makes candy corn? Who knew? 

My brother Patrick found these at a local Walgreens and picked them up, giving me an extra bag. I would have skipped right over these because candy corn is not my favorite candy at all. It's actually near the bottom. But today we're going to taste test these Nerds Candy Corn and compare them to the original Nerds candies. Let's do a comparison!

These Nerds Candy Corn pieces are such bright colors! With so many bright colors, we have to taste them along with a big box of Rainbow Nerds.
Nerds candies are delicious! I see the Rainbow Nerds often, and the little Halloween sized boxes, but what happened to those regular size boxes that have two different flavors in two separate compartments. I remember the Strawberry-Grape Nerds and they were my favorite! 
Theresa - My love for Nerds might stem from the fact that you get 1000 pieces of candy in a box. 
Each candy has a Candy Shell Outside and Soft & Chewy Center Inside. 
There's six different colors inside the package, and that corresponds to 6 different flavors. Actually it's even more than that because some have double flavors, triple flavors, and quadruple flavors!
Pink - Strawberry Shell with Strawberry Grape inside.
Purple - Grape Shell with Strawberry Grape inside.
Red - Strawberry-Lemon Shell with Blue Raspberry Fruit Punch inside. 
Blue - Blue Raspberry Shell with Blue Raspberry Fruit Punch inside. 
Orange - Orange Shell with Cherry-Watermelon inside. 
Green - Watermelon Shell with Cherry-Watermelon inside. Thank goodness it's not Green Apple.

I originally set this shot up by biting the bottom off each candy corn and lining them up. It was when I saw Ian eating his sideways that I noticed that there are two different colors inside each Candy Shell. Since you can hardly see it, I though it would have been all mixed together. Good job to the Ferrara Candy company!

And what about the taste? 
I was super surprised! These taste great! Really great in fact. They nailed the Nerds flavor, but somehow it's even more intense than it would be in the candies. 
Strawberry - A very strong Strawberry Nerds flavor. My favorite!
Grape - They got the flavor just right on this one. Nerds grape exactly. 
Strawberry-Lemon - I couldn't taste the lemon in this one. The fruit punch overpowered it. 
Blue Raspberry - Tasty if you like that flavor. 
Orange - Nerds Orange isn't my favorite, but this tastes just like it. 
Watermelon - Delicious!

Theresa - I could eat a whole bag of those. 

Theresa -  I still prefer the candy Nerds over the Candy Corn. We should go to the Nerds factory! 
Thank you Patrick for showing us these! 

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  1. The Nerds Candy Corn look super colorful! Sounds like they were very flavorful...the watermelon, grape, & strawberry ones sound great to try (not a raspberry or orange flavor person :-) ) Fun candy taste test, compliments of Patrick! EOM