Thursday, January 20, 2022

Epcot at Christmastime - 2021/12/07

Catching up on some old trips. Yes we were just at Disney World yesterday. No reason we can't go again. 

This is our trip to Epcot!

You never know what kind of wildlife you might find. As we were walking from the parking lot to the main entrance, an Otter ran across the road in front of us and then down into the shallow pond. Wow! That's something you don't see every day!

It's 12:30, the kids were able to get their schoolwork done early, and we're excited to explore Epcot!

Bring on that big golf ball. 

One of the rides the kids have been looking forward to is Test Track. Ian remembers going on it years ago, but Alli was too little. Now she's big enough! They both love designing their own cars. Alli's is, of course, pink. Ian always goes for gold. 

The different tests inside the building are okay, but the best one is the Power test. Driving 65mph isn't that big a deal in a regular car, but when the top is down and you're going around a banked turn, it's a lot more thrilling. Test Track is Ian's favorite ride at Walt Disney World. 

Since we're at Epcot, of course we have to stop in to Club Cool and taste all the different sodas from around the world. 

And it's becoming a tradition to take an extra cup to go, snag some popcorn from the stand, and sit down to eat it. 

Let's visit the World Showcase! Inside the Mexico pavilion is the Gran Fiesta Tour with Donald, Jose Carioca, and Panchito Pistoles. 

Once we got home, we watched The Three Caballeros so the kids would have an idea of what they were from. I've heard rumors this might get changed into a Coco themed ride. I'd definitely be for that. 

For our next ride, we're heading to Mission Space. Out of all the rides here at Disney World, this is the only one that will make my stomach flip. I love it! I'm curious how the kids are going to like it though. They haven't ever experienced something this intense before. 

And so to prepare them for it, we're starting off with the Mission Space: Green Mission. This is the less intense training, which is more rocking back and forth. Even Theresa will go on it. 

And they loved it! They were really excited to try out the more intense Mission Space: Orange Mission. 

The intense training takes you to Mars. It's the launch, when you're pulling 2.5Gs that makes my stomach drop. I still love going on it though. I think it's the most intense ride in the park. 

And what did the kids think? They loved it too! Totally loved it! They were excited to go tell Theresa how much they enjoyed it. 

Time for another Club Cool and popcorn break. Any time we're in the area, we have to stop by. 

Let's go over to The Land, and ride Livin With The Land. It's one of Theresa's favorite rides here. 

And even better, they've decorated for Christmas! 

Alli, I don't think that's a very "hidden" Mickey. 

In years past, we'd come visit Walt Disney World with the whole family around Spring Break. It's always packed with people and Soarin commands 90+ minute waits, so it feels odd to see wait times in the 15 minute range. This is Soarin over the World, which goes to a lot of places that we want to visit on our travels eventually. 

Dinnertime! We have been bringing our own meals into the park, and since Tuesdays are taco nights, we're bringing in all the fixins for delicious tacos and burritos. The meat, rice, and beans, stay wonderfully hot in the thermoses, and the cheese, sour cream, and guac, stay cold with the help of ice packs. It's a fantastic meal. 

Riding Livin With The Land again? 

Ah, because it's dusk. And now all the Christmas lights that have been used for decorations light up even more. 


Theresa and I were talking about how we love that at Disneyland the Haunted Mansion and Small World get re-themed for the holidays, but they don't do that here at WDW. I love that they change it up in here! 

With short lines towards the end of the night, why not ride your favorites? Nice pink car Alli. 

Ian designed a teal car for me, since that's my favorite color. 

Let's go on a journey into our imaginations with Figment! 

Inside Figment's house, we come across The Blue Boy and Pinkie, but with Figment reimagining himself in the artwork. I've included the originals for comparison. 

Yes another stop by Club Cool? I amazed that there's still a place you can find free soda at Disney World. A bottle of Coke costs $5 now! 

One of the rides I was hoping we'd have a chance to ride is the brand new Ratatouille ride inside the France pavilion. Currently they operate with a virtual queue. At 7am and 1pm, they release a set number of passes. You go into the Disney app and reserve your spot in line. Throughout the day, depending on how many people ride, and how often the ride breaks down, you may or may not get called to come ride it. 
There's no way I'm awake for the 7am virtual queue, so it's even less likely to be able to ride if you're in the 1pm queue. Very luckily for us, about an hour before park closing, I got the notification that it was time for my group to line up! Let's go ride it!

We were actually lucky enough to ride this back in 2019, during our trip to Disneyland Paris (boy do I need to get that trip written up). I rode it quite a few times then. How will this compare? 

The kids always hope for a gray ratmobile to better match Remy. Normally we get brown, which matches his brother Emile. 

From what I could remember, the rides are pretty much identical. The characters switch between speaking French and English all through the ride, just like they did in Paris. 

It's a cute ride for sure, though Theresa doesn't care for the 3D glasses aspect of it.

Our timing couldn't have been better. Right after the ride finished, the nighttime fireworks show was only 5 minutes away from starting. We walked towards the Japan pavilion and were only 1 row deep from the railing. I love being able to walk right up and get a good view. 
I know Epcot Harmonious isn't getting the best reviews, but honestly it pushes all the right buttons for us. We love all the different music, including Hercules and Mulan, plus the fireworks and water features. 

Alli - Daddy, take my picture with the ball!
Ha, sure thing Alli. Let's remember to take another when we get a little closer. Still, I love her enthusiasm. 

It's been a really fun day at Epcot! The kids went on some fantastic new rides and have new favorites! What are we going to do next? Probably going back to Disney World! See you there! 

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  1. Very nice close-up picture of Alli & Ian w/ "the ball" in the background :-)...nice colors! Ian likes that wind blowing in his face and speeding down the road...such a free-spirit feeling. Seems like perfect timing for fireworks lately...coming out of Ratatouille and enjoying Epcot Harmonious. Club Cool + popcorn makes for a fun tradition (it's those little traditions that get the anticipation & excitement level up!) Living with the Land looks like a another attraction when all lit up at night for the Christmas season...some attractions have a special feel at night, compared to riding it in the daytime (thinking of Storybook Land and the defunct Skyway). Soarin' Over the World must be whetting the kids' appetite to travel abroad soon! Whoa...Ian & Alli are Mission Space: Orange Mission fans, too, on top of those wild coasters!!! Amazing you were all able to still keep Taco Tuesday alive at Epcot...very impressive to see how successfully the food was kept using thermoses and ice packs...nice going, and very delicious-looking, too. EOM