Wednesday, January 12, 2022

Hershey's Chocolate World Exclusive - All three Ice Cream Shoppe Bar flavors

Today we're tasting a Hershey's Exclusive. Something you can only get in one place. In Hershey Pennsylvania at Hershey's Chocolate World. 

These Hershey Bars are themed to an Ice Cream Shoppe and there's 3 different flavors. Of course we're going to have to find some ice cream to try this along with. 

I was thrilled that Hershey's Chocolate World has exclusive items. Things you can't get just anywhere are fun to taste test. 

The display certainly looks fun. 

There's three different flavors of Hershey Ice Cream Shoppe Bars. 
Strawberries 'N' Creme - White Creme With Strawberry Flavored Flakes
Cookies 'N' Mint - Mint Flavored Creme With Chocolate Cookies
Birthday Cake - White Creme With Rainbow Sprinkles

Strawberry is Cool, Creamy, Strawberry Fun.
Mint is Cool, Creamy, Refreshingly Minty.
Birthday Cake is Cool, Creamy, Sprinkly Delight. 
I also like the Ice Cream Cone shaped pieces that the bars are broken into. 

Because it's going to melt, everyone started with the real ice cream. 

Aww, you've got to have more than that! 

Payton likes the ice cream. Her favorite was the Mint Chocolate. 

I thought all the ice cream was good, but Strawberry is my favorite. Purple Cow makes a pretty tasty ice cream. 

Now let's try the Hershey Bars! I would have liked to have those perfect ice cream cone pieces, but these bars have some miles on them. I've had them since September. Any time we had to leave the RV, they went into the suitcase for fear of them melting. They got a little beat up, but they should still taste the same. 

Let's give the bars a try. All of these are made with sugar, cocoa butter, and oil. 

Hershey's Strawberries 'N' Creme - I like the strawberry flavoring of the bar. The strawberry flakes are a little odd. The bars are a bit sweeter than the ice cream. Rita - I'm surprised how close they were able to match it to the ice cream flavor. 

Hershey's Cookies 'N' Mint - The mint is odd. It's almost like an Andes mint, but a little off. It's also got a waxy feel to it. The Cookie Bits are what I'm used to getting in the regular Hershey Cookies 'N' Creme bars. We don't like the mint creme, but we do like the crunchy cookie pieces. Rita - With how long mint things have been around, you should be able to get a good mint flavor in here. 

Hershey's Birthday Cake - They were able to get the flavor of birthday cake inside the creme. I also prefer the sprinkles to the cookies and strawberry flakes in the other bars. Rita - Birthday cake is not good. Theresa - It's disgusting. It's like mediciney (Joe disagrees). Tyler - That's like wax. 

The bars were a little surprising. There were some that were okay, but nothing stood out as great. Maybe if they were great, they would have been released nationally and not have been a Hershey's World Exclusive. 
In a surprise move, Alli (who likes just about everything) gave all three of them 10 thumbs down. 

I wouldn't go that far. The Strawberries 'N' Creme was the best of the three, but then I do like strawberry flavored things. 

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  1. Surprising (and disappointing) the candy bars weren't standouts (at least the display at Hershey's Chocolate World was very pretty and enticing!); but I do like the "ice cream imprint" images (nice detail for each piece) and the unique shape of the candy bar pieces. The different ice cream flavors sound good...however, the Mint Chocolate one stands out the most for me (yum, yum) :-) EOM